Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New cover, free book

I'm doing a little experiment, and you can help - and get a free copy of Union, Reunion in the process. It's one of my older stories, and I made the cover before learning how to make a really good cover, which I believe is the reason the story never sold particularly well. So earlier this week, I decided to make a new, sexier cover to see if I could generate some fresh sales on an old book. Like I said, this is an experiment.

Okay, here's why I'm offering you a free copy. Currently there's just one review of Union, Reunion on Amazon, and it's by some twat (I don't use the term lightly - this person really is a twat) who gave it one star because they were looking for a different kind of story and didn't pay attention to what they were buying.

Now, with only one review - a one-star review - this book isn't going to sell no matter what I put on the cover. In order to have a fair experiment, I need some additional reviews from EMC fetishists who won't just trash the book because the evil mind controller wins. I'm not asking for any particular number of stars or for false praise, just some genuine responses from EMC and tentacle fetishists (Yes, this story does contain tentacles. It's not for anyone who gets squicked out easily).

That being said, if you'd like a free copy with the new cover, be one of the first three commenters below and agree to write a review on Amazon, then email me at and tell me whether you'd like a .mobi or an .epub. I'll send it to you right away, and you can enjoy your tentacled MILFs.

Thank you kindly. :-)


Fax Paladin said...

Sure, I'll have a go. epub, please.

thrall said...

Thanks, Fax Paladin! I'll email you in just a second. :-)

K said...

Yeah honestly the arguments the guy makes are rather asinine. I mean he basically says it rips off elements like the monster in the cabin in the woods, honestly I viewed it as more of tongue in cheek porn version of the cabin in the woods story.

Plus I could use a new cover on that book. :3

thrall said...

Thanks, K, I'll send it your way!

Myndblender said...

Would love to check it out and give you a review.

thrall said...

Thanks so much, Myndblender! Just email me and tell me whether you' like an .epub or .mobi.