Monday, June 30, 2008

My First Interview

Just a quick note to say that my fellow EMCSA writer sara castle was kind enough to make me the guinea pig in her newest experiment at the MC Garden, "On the 'Good' Doctor's Couch." This is the first in a planned series of interviews with various EMCSA writers, so be on the lookout for more in the coming weeks or months. In the meantime, here's my interview. Note that replies to this post are in a separate thread, linked at the bottom of the page.

Thanks again, sara. I really enjoyed the experience.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

And the Dance of the Veils Goes On....

Well, I really haven't much time to write this week, but the story is still coming along nicely - in my head, anyway. Next week I should have more of a chance to actually write things down. In the meantime, as promised, here's a sneak peek at the opening scene. I suspect you'll think I'm even more of a tease after reading this!



i turned, though there were other slaves in the vicinity and none of us had individual designations. we all turned, as we were conditioned to do.

The speaker was a lovely young woman with long, wavy black hair; olive skin; and kohl-rimmed eyes half-hidden behind designer sunglasses. Lady Marina. i was not allowed to form opinions of the young women who commanded me, but i did notice a special tingle whenever this one looked my way. As she did now.

i placed my hands against my forehead, palms out, and spread them while bowing: the traditional symbol that my mind was hers to command.

She gestured me over and i knelt at her feet, crouching until my forehead touched the sand. "How may i please you, Lady?" i murmured, raising my head just far enough to see her face.

She stretched languorously in her lounge chair, slyly watching my mirrored eyes track across her perfect breasts and legs. "you like my body, don't you, slave?"

"Of course, Lady. You are beyond beautiful."

She touched a finger to her lips in teasing thought. "But do you like it because you're programmed to like it, or do you like girls *all* the time?"

i blinked. i had no way to process a question such as that, but obedience demanded a response. "Lady, i must apologize, but i cannot answer you properly as i have no memory of my life before internship. i do not know what my sexual preference was."

She reached to stroke my naked breast, a casual gesture of both ownership and affection. "I remember you," she purred. "Would you like me to tell you about yourself?"

i bowed my head. "Lady, you know i would not be able to process the knowledge. The nanites in my brain--"

She cut me off with a chuckle. "I know. you can't even hear your own name now, can you, -----?" A sound left her lips, but it made no sense to me, and i forgot it the instant i heard it.

A little thrill electrified me from clit to skull as i considered just how tightly my mind was bound. i had been a person once - and would be again, when my internship was over - but for now i was a nameless, will-less slave. And thanks to the wisdom of the Dominants, i reveled in every second of it.

It was not in me to question how much of my arousal was my own and how much was generated by nanites and chemicals. All i knew - all i was allowed to know - was that the Dominants did everything they could to make the population *want* slavery. Our Founders, whose Supreme Dominance was unassailable even hundreds of years later, had stipulated that no citizen be forced permanently into a role not of his or her own choosing. On the other hand, the world did run more smoothly with a pliant populace. And most jobs were best performed by workers who never grew bored or distracted or just plain lazy. So anyone who might be willing to entertain the notion of permanent submission was encouraged to do so by every means possible. Internship was the prime example. Every citizen had the chance to experience six months of total submission in his or her late teens. There were no exceptions.

Really, ours was the best of all possible worlds; the nanites assured me of this. The only truly unhappy citizens were those who lacked the will for Dominance yet feared the ecstasy of surrender. Oh, our Rulers made allowances for perversity both small and great; the Constitution demanded it. There were varying levels of submission available to the hesitant, and the truly deviant were always free to eke out their miserable existence far from civilized society. In fact, our Rulers had set aside a small continent in the southern hemisphere just for them.

The Dominants held all the power, and submissives who retained a bit of free will and who possessed the right skill sets could rise quite high; but it was those who gave themselves up completely to slavery who lived the happiest lives. The nanites assured me of this even as they kept me from questioning the idea. In fact, they *told* me they were keeping me from it, and then told me how good that felt. i had no choice but to agree.

Some day, roughly six months from now, i would complete my internship and be restored to personhood. Then I would decide whether permanent submission was right for me - and if so, just what kind of permanent submission. Or perhaps I'd realize (remember?) that I was a Domme. There would be no internship to help me decide if that were the case; Dominants just rose naturally to the top like the cream they were.

Anyway, right now i couldn't even *consider* the idea of being a Domme, nor did i want to. submission was absolute heaven.

Watching me, Lady Marina's lips curled in a charming smirk. "I'm going to grant you a favor, slave," she announced. "I'm going to let you oil my body." i bowed again in acknowledgement of the joined honor and command. Then i crept to the bottle of suntan oil and poured some into my palm.

my own skin, like that of all submissives, was impervious to the sun's rays. A silvery layer of epidermal nanites protected us from most forms of damage - and also marked us as being less human than machine. Only a Dominant (or an untested schoolgirl like Lady Marina) displayed Her or His natural skin to the world. A suntan was a mark of prestige.

As i slid my slave-marked palms across her body, Lady Marina plugged a cable into the tech-jack behind her right ear, pretending to ignore me while she absorbed her lessons for the day. i could tell, though, from the way her nipples rose beneath the tiny triangles of her bikini, that she was enjoying my ministrations. slaves were conditioned to notice such things.

The Lady's body arced into my hands, inviting them to close in across her chest. my programming steered me true, allowing me to anticipate her needs and meet them before she could even think to command me. my hands slid beneath the fabric of her top, gently massaging her breasts; then squeezing, kneading, gently tweaking her nipples.

my own body was on fire. my nipples, which had been stiff silver nubbins from the first moment of my internship, felt hard as diamonds now. my cunt was as slick as the Lady's oiled body, and my clit quivered with the kind of need a slave had no right to feel - or, at least, to fulfill - on her own.

Without warning, Lady Marina grabbed my right hand and plunged it beneath her bikini bottom, deep inside her snatch. She screamed as i began automatically to tickle her clit with my thumb while simultaneously plunging one finger, then two, and finally three deep inside her - in and out, in and out, more quickly than any mere human could have managed. Slave reflexes were augmented for just such occasions as this.

A whine built deep inside me as i felt the Lady approach climax. my only desire was to make her come, yet this desire burned so brightly within me that completing it would quench my own flames, too. That was the way of slavery.

Lady Marina flung her arms and legs around me, bucking her hips hard around my hand and shrieking like a siren.

i had serviced other girls at the Academy before now, but never any who had reacted as strongly as this. Pleasing my Lady so thoroughly made me feel as though i were exploding from the clit outward. Only the nanite reinforcements held me upright as orgasm turned my legs to jelly.

Eventually Lady Marina looked up at me and grinned. Her sunglasses had slid all the way to her chin, and her warm brown eyes sparkled with glee. "-----," she said, using my name again, "you are absolutely the best slave ever. Absolutely perfect."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Such a Tease

The new story is coming along well, and though it's nowhere close to finished yet, I thought you might like a hint of what's to come. So here's the title block, as it stands now. Next time I'll give you a glimpse of the first scene.


"Mirrored in Your Eyes"

by thrall

synopsis: In a future where Dominance and submission are the driving forces of society, schoolgirls are forced to experience a bit of both worlds...and then choose.

color code: red

story codes: mc, nc, sf, rb

Note: If you are not at least eighteen years of age, this story is not for you. Go away.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your Third Peek Beneath the Duct Tape: A Tenpack of Trixies

This time I'm going to give you a bit more background on A Tenpack of Trixies. In the introduction to that story, I mentioned that it all started with a dream in which I was the first in a line of identical slavegirls, walking hand-in-hand, pressed tightly together, as the Trixies are in the opening scene of my story (and as the Stepford Cuckoos almost are in this pic I posted once before). There wasn't much more to the dream than that; I had to craft the rest of the story the hard way, with my conscious mind.

But there is another piece to the puzzle which I've only revealed to a couple of people before now. Not often, but occasionally, I model certain characters on real-life actors and actresses. For instance, I've already told you that John Dominic in What Do You Give the Man Who Has Everything? is really Jude Law; and somewhere down the line I'll tell you about Penelope and Daphne in Raggedy Anne (Here I go, teasing you again. Sorry, I just can't help myself. ;-)).

But maybe you've guessed whom Nicole and Naomi are based on already. After all, I didn't even change their first names or their physical appearances. And Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts are real life, as this site will attest. I'll just give you a few thumbnails of some of the tastiest pics here; if you want the larger versions (in some cases, much larger), just follow the link. Trust me, it's worth the trip. ;-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Secret Identity

All those superheroes you see in movies and read about in comic books, the ones who have so much angst about leading a double life? Well, I think I know how they feel. Here I am, a notorious writer of the kinkiest sort of lesbian fetish porn, yet in real life I come across more like a human-sized hobbit. I even look like a hobbit, if you subtract a few inches and add some hairy feet. I love eating and laughter and avoid risk whenever possible. I'm the kind of person people feel embarrassed to curse around. My boss calls me "darlin'" - and not in a sexual way. I go to church (a very liberal one with a mostly gay congregation) and take my faith very seriously.

But again, here I am, a notorious writer of the kinkiest sort of lesbian fetish porn.

Only four people know me in both my identities: a former girlfriend who quickly got squicked out by my writing; the love of my life, who thinks my stories are hot as hell; and two longtime e-mail friends with kinks of their own. But sometimes it's hard not exposing my secret to anyone else. Oh, I cover my tracks pretty thoroughly on my computer; the problem is, sometimes I just find myself wanting to tell someone. A male coworker who knows I'm gay will point out a pretty woman and ask what I think of her, and I'll have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "Oh, she's cute enough, but she's no Susan Wayland." Or I'll be watching a movie with a friend or family member, and an MC element will creep into the plot, and I'll suddenly feel stark-naked exposed even though I'm careful not to move a muscle. Or someone will curse in front of me and then apologize, or gasp when I let slip a "damn"; and I'll stifle a giggle as I think, "If they only knew how I talk in my stories."

For years I've thought of myself as a closet exhibitionist. The fact is, I want people to know the truth about me, even as I dread their finding out. I'm so conflicted that I've even hidden variations of my real name in a couple of my stories (And no, I'm not going to tell you which ones).

Who's Peter Parker's therapist? I need to look him or her up.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Premonitory Mind-Reading

In my last entry, one of the links I offered up for your free fetish fix was DVS's gallery on Model Mayhem. What I didn't have a chance to mention then was that among the hundred pics in his gallery are a number that are categorized as zentai but actually look more latex total enclosure. I don't normally find zentai all that exciting because the material does nothing for me, but I certainly do like what these models are wrapped in. And doesn't this pic look almost exactly like the last scene from Queen Bee Becomes a Drone? It's almost as though the photographer read my mind before I had the thought.

If you're in a hurry, the zentai/latex pics are mostly on page 4, with a few more on page 5 and one on page 1 (which also has a couple of delightful tentacle shots).

Oh, and while we're here, just let me add that the writing is going very, very well. :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free Fetish Stuff

I hate to pay for my fetish fix, and I'm sure you do, too. So as promised, here's my post on some of the sources I've found for quality free material. If anyone else has anything to add, feel free to post a comment. :-)

Deviant Art
Let's start with Deviant Art. I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. You have to know what you're looking for there; otherwise, you end up wading through a lot of crap. But try doing a search on any of the big name fetish models, and you'll come up with a ton of great images. Look to your right for links directly to some of my favorite model and photographer pages. NOTE: you do have to register if you want to see the adult material, but you don't have to give much info at all; and of course, you can always make something up. You didn't hear that from me. ;-)

Specific Models
Ulorin Vex's website is still free as of this writing, and I've recently found another cute young fetish model calling herself (stifles giggle) Sister Sinister with a free website. She's a bit pretentious, but very attractive. Her galleries start here. Then there's Aradia Ador's site, La Petite Coquette. I've only just now discovered her, but I certainly like what I see. Lastly, here's a very definitely unofficial Masuimi Max gallery with a nice variety of pics.

One Model Place
One Model Place has a bunch of Darenzia photos, as well as some much shorter pages for a number of other fetish models; but I'm not linking to their pages here because they're hardly worth visiting. Also, the site's search function doesn't work properly. Your best bet if you're looking for someone in particular is to Google "onemodelplace" and the model's name.

Model Mayhem
Model Mayhem has free pages of pics for many fetish artists, including Kumi Monster, Hollywood Geisha, Scar, Pia Kaamos,Slinka, and Darenzia - and those are just the ones I've found so far; one link leads to another, and you could go on forever. Oh, and they also feature various photographers and fashion designers, too. HINT: If you see an "n/a" on a gallery page where a thumbnail should be and you're curious to see what you're missing, just click on the thumbnail before or after the "n/a" and then use the "prev" or "next" link.

Alter Ego
Alter Ego has extensive galleries for a number of top fetish models - as well as a number of fetish models you've never heard of. You can look at just so many pics before you have to register, and then you're asked to give a lot of personal information; but again, you can just make something up. And when they ask you for a picture, just throw them any old JPG of anything - they don't really check in spite of what they say; I uploaded my usual Sorayama gynoid avatar, and they've never called me on it. Anyway, here's the link to the gallery list.

Fashion Sites
Latex designer sites are another good place to find free pics, and many of them use people like Bianca, Kumi and Darenzia to model their designs. Here are some of my favorites: Ego Assassin, Fierce Couture, Fraulein Ehrhardt, HW Design, Jane Doe Latex, Vex Clothing, and of course the justly famous Marquis.

Some fetish photographers also have free sites, like Gil Perron (one here and another one here) and Martin Perreault. Maxime Avet has a website that's not working properly at the moment (here, if you want to try anyway), but he also has a page on Model Mayhem here. DVS has a page on Model Mayhem, too, as well as an independent website here which has many more pics - and lots of other stuff, as well. Viva Van Story has just opened for business with this website, which should appeal to fetishists of several different stripes. Finally, Hypnox has a whole lot of stuff that's very definitely not to my taste (though it might be to yours), but he does have a few "ohhhh woooowwwww" pics like this one, so I felt he was worth recommending.

Finally, there's Free Ones. I almost hate to recommend this site because it has all the ambience of Beavis and Butthead's gym locker, but it really is a great source for hundreds of free pics of pretty much anyone you can name: fetish models, porn stars, celebrities. I'll save you at least a little bit of ickiness by linking you directly to the pages of some of my favorite models: Ancilla Tilia, Bianca Beauchamp, Darenzia, Kumi Monster, Masuimi Max, and Susan Wayland.

*dusts hands* Okay, now that that's out of the way (and believe me, I spent a good two weeks putting it all together), it's back to story writing. I had the most amazing MC dream a few weeks ago, and my Muse is now blowing seductively in my ear. I'll keep trying to blog at least once a week until the story is done, but if you don't hear from me for awhile, you'll know what's happening.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

For Your Tentacled Amusement

Here's a fun little bonus post for the week. Last night I was poking around on Model Mayhem in preparation for an upcoming blog entry on where to go for free fetish stuff, and somewhere along the line I stumbled across this bizarre display by a model calling herself Nicotine:

Well, being a Sorayama fan, I couldn't help but be reminded of this pic, and Iwondered if Nicotine and her photographer had it in mind when they fashioned their own little bit of octopoid erotica.

And then, being a Lovecraft fan, I couldn't help but follow a link from Nicotine's picture to another page on Model Mayhem labeled Cthulhu Lhust. And then, being a Neil Gaiman fan, I couldn't help being reminded of a hilarious case of author cross-pollination called I Cthulhu.

So there you go: three or four fetishes for the price of one. Enjoy.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Peek Beneath the Duct Tape: Spellbound

I think it's about time I talked about my first foray into writing for the EMCSA, Spellbound. When I wrote this one, I was still pretty new at being a lesbian and even newer at the world of online erotica; and though even today I think it's one of my best stories, my inexperience does show through in a few places. Still, that story uncorked nearly three decades' worth of private fantasies, so it's no wonder it packs a punch.

When I sent it in, though, I had absolutely no idea how it would be received. There didn't seem to be any other stories like mine on the EMCSA. I mean, really: fairies as mind controllers? Those flitty little winged creatures who like to perch on flowers? I didn't know if anyone else would see the eroticism in them, or if they'd all find the story a) artsy-fartsy or b) just plain silly. I was extremely pleased and relieved when several people complimented me on the old MC Forum and by e-mail.

The story itself has complicated roots, the earliest being a scene in a 1980's horror movie called The Believers. The movie was about a voodoo-like cult whose members sacrificed their firstborn children for some reason I can't quite remember and were trying to get Martin Sheen to do the same. The cult leader was a spooky-looking young African guy whose eyes turned white when he used his mystical powers (I was turned on by that look even then). Anyway, there was a single MC scene somewhere in the middle of the movie. It's been a long time and I'm probably misremembering it, but this is what I recall. The heroine, played by Helen Shaver, is in the middle of a ring of cult members with the Big Bad Guy in the center. There's music - probably drums - and he starts to dance and do his eye thing while focusing intently on her. Helen begins to blink and sway, falling under his spell (To my shame, I can't remember whether her eyes roll up, too, or whether she just looks dazed). Unfortunately, they get interrupted before we find out what the bad guy had planned for her, but it was a hot scene while it lasted.

Well, that was the earliest root of "Spellbound." Later I fantasized privately about African witch doctors and snakes and things like that. Callidus understands the attraction there.

Then I realized I was gay and re-imagined the MC'er as a woman, and then I began to re-think the method of MC in the fantasy to make it even hotter. I tend to avoid real-life forms of MC like hypnosis in my stories because I don't think the depth of control I enjoy can be achieved without an element of the supernatural or advanced technology. This particular fantasy had always relied on the former, and I have read a few novels through the years where fairies or elves came across as erotic and powerful; so who better to be my domme than Titania, Queen of the Fairies? And how better to picture her than this? (Okay, so that's actually a picture of Luthien from The Silmarillion, but it did inspire me in writing "Spellbound.")

Yes, you've found me out: I'm a secret Tolkien geek. But just look what I've done with the Professor's handiwork!