Saturday, June 27, 2009

And so at last, by strange and circuitous paths, she came to...

...this. While I was hunting for pictures of G-Force and Princess for my last post, I stumbled across the outrageously erotic image at right and, quite naturally, had to hunt down more and more pictures by the artist, Luis Royo. I'm just flabbergasted that I haven't heard of him before now, though I did discover during my image search that he illustrated the cover of at least one SF book I read ages ago.

Anyway, I found the motherlode of Royo artwork here. And because I'm too much in awe of this guy's work to settle for posting three or six more pictures (I saved well over 100 images to my hard drive), I'm giving you thirteen more right here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Believe me, it was hard to choose just fourteen to share. But here we go.

First, three spunky warrior women of the kind I love so much. Be sure to notice the footwear on the second and third gals.

Second, three warrior women who've been overcome by various...things...and don't care nearly as much about fighting as they did a few minutes earlier. I hope the gal on the right has a sweeter fate in store than did the cyborg zombie who captured her.

Next, we have some lovely ladies who, if they ever were warriors, have long since forgotten that fact - and just about everything else, too. I think these first two are just discovering how nice it is to forget. The third one has long since forgotten there even was anything to forget.

And now some mecha-love, for those (including me) who dig that kind of thing. Sadly, I don't think the angel in the picture at left wanted to be a cyborg. But see? His girlfriend still loves him, anyway. And I'm sure he has all kinds of interesting new...abilities. ;-P

Finally, for those of you who aren't averse to a bit of man-on-man action, here's a little gift from me (and Luis Royo) to you. ;-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inside the mind of a budding MC pervert

When I was a kid, one of my favorite superhero cartoons was Battle of the Planets (Yes, yes, I know it was later repackaged as G-Force, and that the original version was the Japanese Gatchaman. But I watched Battle of the Planets, growing up.) Looking back on it now, it's clear that I had a crush on Princess; and I knew even at the time that Keyop's "baloop-bloop" speech defect was annoying as hell. So I had good taste in a couple of areas, at least.

Anyway, my good-girl side was warring with my MC-fetishist side, even then. So in my darker moments, I would fantasize about G-Force being captured by Zoltar and defeated once and for all - via mind control, of course. Sadly, there was no sex in this fantasy; I was too young for that. But the fantasy was plenty freaky enough without the sex.

I didn't bother figuring out how Zoltar had captured G-Force; I just picked up at the good part, the part where he reveals his insidious plan. He's got the five team members shackled to a wall, and they can't combine to use their powers to break free. He announces that he's going to brainwash them one at a time, beginning with the one whose downfall will be most heartbreaking for the rest of them, and then working his way backwards to the next most hearbreaking, and the next, leaving the strongest one for last.

I'm sure you can figure who got the brainwashing helmet first, can't you? Of course you can. ;-P

Princess succumbs so delightfully, going white-eyed and stiff, with her lips parted just so (Hey, it was the most that my prepubescent, thinking-it-was-straight mind could come up with back then). Once she's completely under Zoltar's control, he sets her free from her shackles and lets her throw the switch on the next victim, Keyop, who can now stop that ridiculous bloop-blooping and just throw the switch on Tiny...who throws the switch on Jason...who throws the switch on Mark...why by that time is so demoralized he doesn't even bother trying to resist.

And what did Zoltar do with G-Force after he'd turned the lot of them into white-eyed, obedient drones? Who the hell cared? I'd already had my fun.

Oh, and just by the way, back when I was watching Battle of the Planets, Princess never looked like the second picture above. If she had, I might have figured out I was gay a couple of decades earlier.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My complete Virtual Hypnotist tutorial is now online

As promised, I've finished adding to and polishing my Virtual Hypnotist tutorial, tied everything together, and posted it all on my website. If you're interested, you can click over directly to the tutorial here or link in through my website (I've done a bit of redesign there).

Now I can get back to those stories I'm working on!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She bop, he bop, a-we bop....

So. In my continuing exploration of the 21st-century phenomenon known as mp3 downloads, I'm rediscovering the 20th-century music of my youth: eighties music.

Yes, yes, I know. It really is tragic. Especially how some songs that really were cool once upon a time now sound absolutely fucking awful. Case in point: "Electric Avenue."

On the other hand, some artists have held up surprisingly well, like (of all people) Billy Idol. Okay, honestly, I'm amazed old Billy's even still alive; but it just goes to show you...I don't know, something or other.

Then there's a third category of eighties songs: the ones that scream "eighties songs! eighties songs!" in 50-foot-high, neon green letters but still manage to make me smile and even, occasionally, bob my head and sing along.

Case in point: Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop." Now, I'm proud to say that as much of a goody-two-shoes as I was back in high school, at least I knew what this song was really about. After all, I was a budding English major. But I don't think I got the full hilarity of the lyrics (or, heaven help me, the screaming-eighties video) until I listened to it again this week. you know what "She Bop" is about? Well, if you don't, maybe these lyrics and screen grabs will help you out a little. };-D

Well, I see them every night in tight blue jeans
In the pages of a blue boy magazine
Hey I've been thinking of a new sensation
I'm picking up good vibrations
Oop - she bop

Do I wanna go out with a lion's roar
Huh, yea, I wanna go south n get me some more
Hey, they say that a stitch in time saves nine
They say I better stop or I'll go blind
Oop - she bop - she bop

She bop he bop a we bop
I bop you bop a they bop
Be bop be bop a lu she bop,
I hope he will understand

She bop he bop a we bop
I bop you bop a they bop
Be bop be bop a lu she bop,
Oh she do she bop

Hey, hey - they say I better get a chaperone
Because I can't stop messin' with the danger zone
No, I won't worry, and I won't fret
Ain't no law against it yet
Oop - she bop - she bop

She bop he bop we bop...

Now, don't tell me you're still lost! Sheesh, kids these days. Here, let granny help you out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

WTF, indeed

Once again, totally, 100% off-topic - but if you click on the "WTF" link in the Cute Overload glossary, this is what you get.

Please click! Ohh, please click!

Friday, June 19, 2009

All appearances to the contrary, I really don't have a thing for zombies

Well, aside from zombies in the sense of mind-controlled drones. ;-)

But you can't tell me this doesn't look incredibly cool. And check out the cast!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Virtual Hypnotist sessions now online

No time to say much; I have to run to work now. But if you're interested in those new Virtual Hypnotist sessions I promised, go here and scroll down to "Two Customizable Programming Templates."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Many plates spinning...again

It's been a busy few weeks for me, and not least because of my absolutely fucking insane job. And my brain is also boiling over with all kinds of interesting ideas and no place to pour them out. But I've got some vacation coming up, and in the meantime, I'm doing what I can to relax on the weekends - which means writing as much as hanging out with my beloved. She knows what a flaming introvert I am, and she's been wonderfully understanding. Thank God.

So, here's where things stand right now.

"Union, Reunion" is still go, but I've shifted it to the back burner for a few weeks while the newer story I've been hinting about cooks more quickly. That one (the title of which I'll now reveal to be "My Own Personal Serial Number") has turned into a three-parter, and I just finished the second chapter today. I don't know if anyone else will feel the same as I do, but to my mind, this chapter contains some of the hottest MC fetishism I've ever written.

Meanwhile, I've been experimenting with the "grok tunnel" setting of Virtual Hypnotist; and if all goes well, I'll probably debut another two-optioned session on Wednesday. I want to create public versions of my daily morning session, with all the strictly personal bits removed and room left for others to customize the suggestions as they like. This pair of sessions will be fetishy and sinister but not X-rated; and one of the options will have the grok tunnel, while the other will have the usual spirals and subliminals.

On a related note, I haven't forgotten my promise to write up the "Virtual Hypnotist 101-105" blog entries as a structured tutorial. In fact, I have a lot more to add to that tutorial now, since I've done more experimenting, so this will be a fairly large project. I plan to start work on it tonight and continue in bits and pieces for as long as it takes. Probably I'll do the bulk of it during my vacation, but you never know.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

total enclosure: a transvestite's best friend?

I found the picture at left by following a link on Asudem Latex's blog. She'd posted another picture from this model's set and wondered if there was a story behind the picture. Well, in reading the comments below her post, I see that there is. Underneath all the latex and various types of bonds is a man! His blog links to many more pictures of himself in latex and rubber drag, most of it very sexy and all-enclosing.

Really, speaking as someone who hasn't had a lot of up-close-and-personal experience with penises, I'll be damned if I can figure out where he's hiding his. Maybe if I knew German, I could find an explanation on his blog; but as it is, I'm mystified.

This is not the post I had *planned* to write today

That one will come later. But when I stopped by Neil Gaiman's blog just now and saw the picture below, I knew I just had to post it.

The artist is Camilla D'Errico, and the picture is a loose depiction of some of the characters from Gaiman's short story "How to Talk to Girls at Parties," from Fragile Things. The story doesn't strictly involve any MC (though that point is debatable), and I certainly don't remember any tentacles, but this picture is still incredible. My God, those eyes!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Music in the key of me

Have I mentioned here that I finally bought an mp3 player a few months ago? I'm having great fun loading it up, both with new stuff and with favorites so old I'd forgotten they were favorites.

Case in point: Queen's Greatest Hits (Remastered). I bought that LP back in the eighties, whenever it was that it originally came out, and I downloaded the album again last night. Damn, it was great to hear those old favorites like "Bohemian Rhapsody" again after all these years. In my decidedly non-humble opinion, they hold up just as well today as when they first came out. And imagine my surprise when I discovered that the mp3 version of the album comes with a bunch of songs that weren't on my old LP - and that almost all of those new additions have a decidedly queer bent. Check out, for instance, Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy. There's no way I would ever have been exposed to anything like that back in the seventies or eighties, much less have been able to appreciate it. But hearing it now, for the very first time, I'm in love with Freddie and the gang all over again.

But this entry isn't really about Queen's queeniest lyrics. It's about another favorite Queen song, and a much newer favorite Green Day song, both of which really speak to who I was and who I've become.

Since I'm already on the subject of Queen, let's start with their "Fat Bottomed Girls." Now, I'm not sure if my bottom is really fat enough to have satisfied Freddie Mercury or Brian May, but my rump is more than plump enough to let me appreciate their appreciation of zaftig women:

Are you gonna take me home tonight
Ah down beside that red firelight
Are you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls
You make the rockin' world go round
I was just a skinny lad
Never knew no good from bad
But I knew love before I left my nursery, huh
Left alone with big fat fanny
She was such a naughty nanny
Heap big woman you made a bad boy out of me
Hey hey!

I've been singing with my band
Across the wire across the land
I seen every blue eyed floozy on the way, hey
But their beauty and their style
Went kind of smooth after a while
Take me to them dirty ladies every time

Oh wont you take me home tonight?
Oh down beside that red firelight
Oh and you give it all you got
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round

Hey listen here
I've got mortgages and homes
I got stiffness in my bones
Ain't no beauty queens in this locality (I tell you)
Oh but I still get my pleasure
Still got my greatest treasure
Hey big woman you gonna make a big man of me
Now get this

Oh (I know) you gonna take me home tonight (please)
Oh down beside that red firelight
Oh you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round
Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round
Get on your bikes and ride

Oooh yeah, alright, them fat bottomed girls
Fat bottomed girls
Yeah yeah yeah alright, hey, c'mon
Fat bottomed girls
Yes yes

And now on to Green Day. I've had "She" on CD for ages, but it wasn't until I listened to it on my crystal-clear Zune that I was able to appreciate how much the lyrics related to my life:

She screams in silence
A sullen riot penetrating through her mind
Waiting for a sign
To smash the silence with the brick of self-control

Are you locked up in a world
That's been planned out for you?
Are you feeling like a social tool without a use?
Scream at me until my ears bleed
I'm taking heed just for you

She's figured out
All her doubts were someone else's point of view
Waking up this time
To smash the silence with the brick of self-control

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Betty Bowers Explains It All

Thanks once more to my slash-loving friend, this time for sharing this screamingly hilarious video with me. It won't shrink down enough to let me embed it here, so I've taken a few screen grabs instead, just to tempt you. But first, here's a transcript of the introduction:

"Here's a well-known fact. All you unsaved trash out there have no idea what constitutes a Bible-based marriage. And here's a little-known secret: neither do Christians! And that's why the Lord has called upon me, America's best Christian, to teach all of you His definition of marriage."

Just remember, folks: I am a Christian. We only hurt the ones we love.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

So, this is what my subconscious came up with

...while I was lying in bed this morning, half-dreaming. I will probably use one or both of these ideas in the story I hinted about last week, along with a whole new scene I came up with.

a sign of things to come

I made the image above here - and no, I didn't use my personal data to make it.

I've also been enjoying this page, and I had some very interesting half-dreams while lying in bed this morning.

Watch this space.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

for your consideration

Just a little something I stumbled across on I Can Has Cheezburger that made me think of something else:

And a third something I found while doing a Google image search for the second something:

MC/Squick in the most unexpected of places

So...This is the second time this week I've heard about a new movie I had no knowledge of before this week. The first clip I saw looked intriguingly dark and unsettling for - try not to flinch, now - an animated film. But this animation looks way too dark for Disney or Pixar - or perhaps even for Hayao Miyazaki.

In fact, though I don't know much about it yet, I can't help wondering if this is really (or at least entirely) a children's movie at all. Not that I haven't been known to enjoy many a well-done kid flick, myself. And I'm sure several among us got early MC chills and thrills from Saturday morning cartoons and flicks like The Jungle Book and The Dark Crystal.

Anyway, this movie, no matter the audience, has Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov behind it - and voice work by several of my favorite actors, including the delectable Jennifer Connelly. And the proof of how delightfully dark, perverse, MC-ish, and squicky the movie 9 might be is illustrated by this clip, which I'm not embedding on my blog because I can't make it fit inside the margins. But I will share some stills and descriptions here, in hopes of a) enticing a few of you to follow the link, and b) gratifying those poor souls still on dial-up.

So here we go....

The heroes and heroines of this movie are rag dolls, but this rag doll is even more of a puppet than the rest:

Oooh! Hypno-eyes!

The victim's irises dilate as he is sucked into helpless trance. Notice the reflection of the hypno-eyes in his gaping pupils - nice touch!

And now the puppetmaster (well, mistress, actually) can reveal herself freely:

This'll scar the kiddies for life!

But the victim is too far gone even to be afraid. Notice once again the reflection of the monster's eye in his eye.

And at last the spider/snake/puppetmistress scoops him up and prepares to have her way with him....

Of course, this is only the first half of the clip. The best half. ;-P But you can follow the link above for the rest.

More posts to come, later this weekend.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You only *think* you know where this is headed

Here's another very, very early sneak peek at a story in progress. This is the one I mentioned in my Saturday blog post, the one I was mulling over while experimenting with delta binaurals and just generally relaxing under hypnosis.

I don't think I'll reveal the title just yet, because there really is more to this story than the opening paragraphs would lead you to believe; and I want you to be surprised. It's enough right now for you to know that I Have Plans. Muaaahahaha!

Amanda stared at the blinking button and bit her lip. She'd already checked the consent box, despite not having read the terms of service as thoroughly as she should have. She'd input her chosen user ID ("Mandy Barr" - Amanda was surprised to find it hadn't been taken yet and wondered if that meant she'd been clever or just too subtle) and had given a nicely anonymous e-mail address. She'd even set up a post office box in a nearby Atlanta suburb, using another false surname: Holmes.

Amanda *thought* she'd been careful enough, but she was no expert at this sort of thing. *Well,* she told herself, *it's not like I have much choice. And at least they didn't ask for my real name. Not yet, anyway.*

The button blinked cheerily at her: "Sign me up for my free three-month trial!"

"Okay," Amanda sighed, and clicked.

It was a hoary old cliché, the bright young coed paying her way through college by stripping. But at least Amanda was putting a twenty-first century spin on it, not to mention avoiding actual physical contact with her audience. She'd only be stripping online.

Amanda wasn't shy about her body, but she *did* want a choice about whose lap she danced in. She'd visited a couple of strip clubs with old boyfriends, and while some of the clientele had seemed perfectly normal, there'd been others she wouldn't have trusted to stuff a bill between her toes, much less anywhere higher.

Fortunately, Google really had been her friend. was a startup web host offering enough free space to get Amanda going in her new (and hopefully lucrative) career. Sure, she'd have to put up with a few annoying, flashy banner ads; and this particular outfit also required its users to test products for them, and to take surveys. But as long as Amanda could do it all anonymously, she was fine with that. Hell, she'd be better than fine if the website made her enough money to keep ahead of her tuition. She'd be ecstatic.

Besides, the product samples weren't just sex toys. There were shampoos, cosmetics, vitamin supplements, mp3's - all kinds of interesting things. Amanda thought she might actually enjoy using some of them. And hey, free was *always* good when you were in college.

Relieved now that she'd actually taken the first step, Amanda hummed along with the music while the POP software downloaded.

the places my mind ends up when it doesn't watch where it's going

This is not the post I had scheduled for today. Watch for that one to show up at noon. But here's a quickie just for now.

I had occasion to stop by this morning, and I saw that the word of the day is "espy." Well, that led me naturally to the clip below, from the movie Beaches (Yep, I saw that one back in college - and bawled like a five-year-old). You have to listen carefully to catch that one little word (and you'll probably be too busy gaping at the visuals to do that), but ever since I saw this scene, that one little line, "He espied an Aida," has stuck in my mind. So here you go. Enjoy.