Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lake monster is GO

Sorry I'm a little late with my Wednesday post, but at least I have a couple of goodies for you:

1) the news that I've finished the second chapter of "Union, Reunion" and begun the third (and final) chapter. The lake monster bridges the two, and is now written in rough draft form.

2) This!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

just this once

I would never even have noticed this yellow story, much less bothered to read it, if Jukebox hadn't specifically told me I'd like it. And I sooo did. :-) Of course, it didn't hurt that I'd just listened to Lady Ru'etha's Robotics 1.02 a few hours earlier. And that Jukebox almost seems to have written this story with all my personal hottest fetish buttons in mind.

"Dixie Pixie"! Haw!

Robotic Transformation Ongoing....

Lady Ru'etha called me again yesterday. She and Jukebox and I have something very exciting in the works, but I probably won't tell you what it is until afterwards. Either of them might, though, so keep an eye on their blogs. ;-)

In the meantime, Lady Ru'etha has also given me a review copy of the second mp3 in her Robotic Transformation series: Antivirus. This session builds on both the "Safe Space" recording (included with the Robotics 1.02 package) and Robotics 1.01: Initialization. After "Safe Space" and "Robotics 1.01" install your robotic programming, the "Antivirus" program helps protect you from unscrupulous hypnotists and other sneaky types who'd influence you in a way that you wouldn't want or need if you'd been given a choice.

Listening to the opening sections of "Antivirus," I found myself half afraid that I'd find some unwelcome surprises in my own mind, but thank goodness I didn't. On the other hand, the program did reaffirm that I've been unhealthily influenced by some people around me and by some of what I see and read online. And interestingly enough, even a couple of hours after I'd finished the session, I continued to recognize and correct my unthinking acceptance of other people's points of view, even about things as mundane as what movies I "ought" to like. That "error flag" system of Lady Ru'etha's really works! And how much more effective will it be after I've listened to the session several times? I really do want to be less gullible, and I've discovered that one key to change through hypnosis is really wanting it. That's not the only key, but it's an important one.

Fortunately, Lady Ru'etha makes the "antivirus program" very appealing by tying it, time after time, to the idea that it will help the robotic you function at optimal performance. Plus, it will please your programmer. ;-) But for those of you who like to live a little closer to the edge than I do, Lady Ru'etha is also working on a "Security Backdoor" mp3 which will allow her - and her alone - to breach the antivirus program and have her way with you. She says this program will come with a ton of disclaimers. ;-P

As for me, I'm looking forward to the "Skins" session, which she says will allow you to customize the look of your robotic self. I would so love to be able to imagine myself with silver skin and eyes!

But one other thing before I go. Remember when I talked about listening to Lady Ru'etha's "Voice" session and how delightfully deep it took me? Well, it turns out that she has that recording available for the public, as well. I recommend it very, very highly. :-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

that look

I really do feel sorry for Apnea. I could tell she had some sort of issues going on, long before I ever started reading her blog. And she posted the image at left (along with several others) as evidence of how she looks when she's in a deep depression and/or not feeling much of anything at all. So I do have a lot of sympathy for her.

But at the same time, I have to admit that that blank, passive stare hits me in a way her more lively pictures don't. Those of you who follow my blog won't need any explanation; you probably feel the same, or you wouldn't be here.

So here are a few more blank stares that, as far as I know, don't have any sad stories behind them. The model is PXE, or at least that's the name she goes by on Deviant Art. She seems to be a vibrant person overall, but I can't help noticing that there's something interesting going on with her eyes and/or expression in many of her photos. Make of that what you will...especially the second image, which is just begging to have a story written about it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It was all a dream

And thank goodness.

I just woke up a few minutes ago, and I am so thankful to be back in the real world that I just had to blog about it. Last night I dreamed that a dear young relative in elementary school revealed that he and his friends had discovered my "thrall" identity (Apparently, Millennium Kids have mad hacker skilz), and it was now common knowledge around town. Then, as I was trying to talk to this relative about keeping quiet, my stepfather came into the room and revealed that he knew about it; and he proceeded to give me just the kind of lecture I've been afraid my parents would give me if they knew about my online activities.

And then, oh Lord, my mother found out.

And if that weren't enough, I went on to dream about waking up, thinking it was all a dream, and realizing it wasn't. I did this several times, until I finally deleted my blog and asked Simon to remove all my stories from the EMCSA, just hoping no one from work had found out about them yet.

I suppose this must be the flip side of closet exhibitionism: fear of being discovered for real. And I suppose I must have needed the reminder of how mortified I'd be if it happened - not to mention how my job might be endangered. I just hope my subconscious has gotten this particular fear out of its system now. Forever. I've never been so happy to wake up for real in my whole life.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whee! Brainstorm!

Funny the things that come to me during my drive home from work each an entirely new ending to the story I'm in the middle of writing. That's a first for me, since I normally plan everything out pretty thoroughly before starting to write, and I don't deviate much from that plan once I start. But the new and improved ending for "Union, Reunion" is going to knock you for an exciting loop.

I hope.

Anyway, I'm very excited about it. I can't wait to write that scene. :-)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too awesome not to share

Every once in awhile, I run across something online that I have to share, completely without context (and usually with no relation to this blog's usual topics), just because it's awesome. Case in point, the gentleman at the left and his (probably quite comfy) feline friend.

In fact, I've shared so many of these by now that I think it's time I gave them their very own tag, "No Explanation Necessary." But because I'm a tease with a heart, I promise always to provide an explanatory link along with these posts. So here's where I found the yeti and his pet.

Goodies *for* me, goodies *from* me

Let's start with the goodies for me, because they're really goodies for you, too. I found a couple of exciting new offerings on the EMCSA today: one from Jukebox and one from Lady K.

I'm so glad Jukebox has been branching out into longer works lately. His short pieces are like scrumptious bite-sized morsels, but a longer story from him is a three-course meal. It gives him time to develop the kinds of characters and situations that draw me in really deeply, time to set up the connections and call-backs that satisfy right down to my core. And the ending of Criminal was indeed deeply satisfying for me. It was exactly the ending I'd hoped for, but didn't dare hope for too much, because I felt sure I'd be disappointed. Nope. Good ol' Jukebox hit my subfetish button square and center with that one. :-D And everything he wrote leading up to that ending was just as much fun. There's a bit of hamminess in this story, but it's entirely deliberate; and it makes a lovely contrast with the stark/dark gray of Yelena's pre-Stradivarius existence. But that's all I really need to say about that story, I think. I'll leave you to discover the rest on your own.

So, then, on to Lady K. She told me some time ago that she was writing a novella-length prequel to The Anlorgash Incident, and I've been eagerly waiting to see it on the EMCSA. Fortunately, today marks the debut of the first two chapters of Ahn-L'or G'ash. They're short and sweet (well, squicky sweet), and Lady K doesn't waste any time putting her Lovecraftian lake monster onstage front and center. She's setting up some lovely serial recruitment opportunities here, and I can guess at least one person who's on the short list! This will be a fun series to watch develop, and since Lady K has already finished writing it, hoping for a new chapter each week might not be unrealistic of me.

But speaking of Lovecraftian lake monsters, I actually have something similar in mind for my upcoming "Union, Reunion." I'm reminded a little of what happened when I posted my Avatar the same week Tabico finished Pea, and how I discovered trilby else's Fruition immediately afterwards. It was like we'd all tuned in to the same EMC wavelength without realizing it. Fortunately, my lake monster won't be the central baddie in "Union, Reunion"; it'll just feature in a single scene. And the fact that I haven't written that scene yet gives me a chance to make sure my creature isn't too much like Lady K's...which shouldn't be hard, considering where my story is headed. Besides, there's always room in the world for another lake monster, isn't there?

But I've teased you enough. Even though the lake monster scene isn't written yet, I have finished the first chapter of "Union, Reunion" in rough draft form. I posted the first half of it on my blog back in May, but considering the pace at which the story is progressing, I think I owe you another sneak peek today. Just to keep you interested, you know. ;-) And because I've polished that first half quite a bit since posting it (including changing several names) I think it's best if I just give you the whole chapter from start to finish, right here. Maybe you can find at least one of those Easter eggs now. ;-)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh, and...

Right after I posted the message below, I stopped by Deviant Art and saw that John Tisbury had uploaded this phenomenal new picture of Ulorin Vex. I know the doll and puppet fetishists will love it just because, and I get an extra rush from Ulorin's pose and expression here. I can imagine she's just a second or two away from giving in to the MC completely and really becoming that puppet.

Public service announcement

For those of who've been staying up at night wondering, Marge Simpson's nipples are brown.

More not-entirely-nipple-free news tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Freeware Recommendations

Since I began this blog, I've recommended several different freeware programs that I've tried myself and continue to enjoy. Not long ago it occurred to me that it might be nice to have all those recommendations in one place, so here you go. All the programs on this page are ones that I, as a non-gearhead, feel comfortable using and am reasonably confident are malware-free. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Cheers.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I had a dream

Regular readers of my blog and/or my fetish erotica know I get a lot of inspiration from my dreams. The subconscious is a powerful tool in so many ways, not least of which is creating erotic images that resonate on several levels at once. Many of my best EMC stories began as dreams. A few weeks ago, I had a dream that gave me an image far too rich and sexy to ignore. Fortunately, that image fits just perfectly into my next story!

I'm still working on "Union, Reunion" and plan to write the scene with the dream image later this weekend. So, in preparation, I'll tell you my whole dream from start to finish...and if any of you weren't convinced of how deeply twisted my brain is, this will tell you everything you need to know.

I dreamed I was in a school building with some friends, and we were taking a boat trip down a long hall that had a river instead of a floor. The further we traveled, the deeper the water grew; and soon I noticed fruit floating on top of it: blackberries, which are my favorite kind of berry. The further we went, the more blackberries there were, and the bigger they became.

The boat stopped a few feet short of a rope that was strung across the hall, the kind of rope that separates the shallow end of a pool from the deep end. I knew that beyond that rope the water was really deep. Ocean deep. The blackberries were so huge and so thick here that I couldn't see the water at all.

I got out of the boat and floated on the blackberries, then picked one of them up. It was the size and shape of a bell pepper, the kind that's convex at the bottom rather than concave, so that it looks something like a human heart. I bit into it. It was delicious; and the juice ran down my chin and neck, staining my shirt. My friends told me that there were even bigger berries beyond the rope, but I was perfectly happy where I was.

Then I noticed that there was something else floating on the water right up against the rope: lacy panties. They were very pretty and perfectly dry, and I wondered if there were any in my size. Practically the first pair I picked up was my size, and I stuffed the panties in my pocket to take back with me.

Pretty strange, huh? And there are two things that make it even stranger: in almost all of my dreams involving food or clothes, I can't taste the food and I can't find any clothing in my size. So this was just an all-around deeply satisfying dream, and you can expect to find the giant blackberry satisfying me again in "Union, Reunion." ;-)

Oh, and one final thought: if I'm writing the kind of stuff I'm writing now, from safely on the near side of the rope, imagine what my fiction might be like if I ever crossed the line!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who's with me?

For the thousandth time, God bless Fark. How else would I have known about a secret Swedish town populated exclusively by lesbians? I'm packing my bags for Chako Paul City right now, and looking forward to my very own "thick waist belt full of woodworking equipment." ;-P

Who's with me?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

cyber-goodness, cyber-badness

As I've said before, I don't have cable and really don't even turn on the TV except to watch DVD's. But if I did have cable and watched TV, I would be sooo into Torchwood. I rented the DVD of the first couple of episodes and fell completely in love, but since then I'd only followed the show via io9 and Wikipedia...until I found out that someone on YouTube has taken it upon himself to upload whole episodes. That's how I came to watch "Cyberwoman" - and to embed it below for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven't seen the episode already, the pic above should give you all the incentive you need. In fact, you don't even need much background to follow the storyline, but I'll provide a little here for the five or ten of you not already more familiar with the show than I am.

Torchwood is a (very adult) spinoff of Dr. Who. It centers on a group, led by the secretly immortal and not-so-secretly pansexual Captain Jack Harkness, who track down and eliminate alien threats to earth. They operate out of an underground base in Cardiff, which apparently makes even less sense to British people than it does to me.

Anyway, the nervous-looking guy you see at the beginning of this episode is Ianto, who until now, has been a very quiet, very efficient, sort-of office boy. This is the first Ianto-centric episode of Torchwood; and it involves, as you quickly find out, his never-before-mentioned girlfriend who's been half-converted into a Cyberwoman. If you don't already know about the Cybermen, the easiest way to think of them is as a British version of the Borg, although they were terrorizing the Dr. Who universe decades before Star Trek: Next Generation ever came into being.

That's all you need to know before you delve into the episode. This first clip runs a little under ten minutes, and if you like what you see, you can easily move on to the next segment without ever leaving this page. There are five segments in all, and they are absolutely worth watching in full. The story is taut, sexy, and wrenching; and the actors playing Ianto and his girlfriend are phenomenal. So enjoy - before the Torchwood lawyers come along and make PKNoHonor take his clips down! ;-)

Friday, October 2, 2009

So Christine Kessler really *did* stop by my blog on Wednesday!

According to this post and this post on her blog, she spent the better part of the day poking around the 'net, looking for sites that were using her pictures illegally.

I'll admit to having a moment of worry about her attitude toward my reposts, but that turned out to be groundless. Her gripe (and it's an entirely appropriate one) is with the asswipes who remove her watermark and other identifying information from the pictures, then repost them.

Folks, Christine Kessler is an artist, and these photos are her source of income. If you're going to share her work on your own site, please give her credit for it. She deserves it, and to do any less is stealing.