Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stoya enjoys fine literature

Here's another fine gift from Rubye Selene. She sent me a link to this page of videos, without much warning of what I should expect except that it was erotic and that the setup would work well for an EMC story. After watching all seven videos, I had to decide how much to tell you ahead of time, and I've chosen to just plop Stoya in your lap and save the explanations for afterwards. So here you go:

Now, what you just enjoyed was the first video in a seven-part series called Hysterical Literature. I watched two more of them before I figured out the women weren't just letting themselves get turned on by strangely kinky reads. I'd have guessed what was happening sooner if I'd watched the videos in order or read about them first. But as luck would have it, I was three videos in before I heard the vibrator. Then I Googled for a bit more info.

It's actually cooler, I think, to imagine that the power of language alone makes these woman orgasm - and some of the pieces are definitely erotic. Others, not so much. But it's certainly fun to imagine myself trying to read for a camera while underneath the table someone's twirling a Hitachi between my legs. And it's fun to imagine how I'd build an MC scenario around the idea. For instance, who knows what the women might end up reading, when they're too far gone to pay attention to the words?

Anyway, I recommend you watch more of these videos - maybe even all seven. I'll give you a brief review of each, in order, so you can decide whether they're worth your time:

Stoya reading "Necrophilia Variations" - I guess you probably watched this one already, didn't you? ;-) But I'll say here that I'm absolutely not into necrophilia, but Stoya (and the writer of that passage) made me see why it appeals to some people. The last line she reads could fit quite well into an EMC story.

Alicia reading "Leaves of Grass" - It's a long poem, but IMO it's the most erotic piece of literature in the video series, and I'm very glad Alicia made it to the end. Not only is the poem worth hearing all the way through (it's just one gorgeous homoerotic image after another), but the pace at which Alicia and her unseen collaborator proceed makes it easy to enjoy the words.

Danielle reading "Still Life with Woodpecker" - Stories that glamorize cocaine use automatically turn me off, but once she got past that bit, I was able to enjoy along with her.

Stormy reading "American Psycho" - I assume this video series is meant to make a comparison between good reading and good sex, but why the hell choose this piece from American Psycho to illustrate it? Stormy might as well have been reading a page from the phone book. She enjoys the hell out of it, though.

Teresa reading "Sexing the Cherry" -Teresa is very cute, and I'm enchanted by the tattoo on her shoulder. I also think I'd probably enjoy reading this book. But for some reason I can't explain, the video bored me and I gave up about halfway through.

Solé reading "Beloved" - This woman is awesome. I want to marry her. The book is awesome too (I read it years ago), but I'm not sure this passage will make anyone else want to read the book because it doesn't make much sense out of context.

Amanda reading "A Clockwork Orange" - She's reading a passage that actually is about mind control, so this video should have a special resonance for EMC fans. She stops reading at a great place, too, because it's before things start to turn ugly for the narrator. I love Amanda's accent, and the way her breasts bob over the table.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

MC by earworm

Last week I stumbled onto a video by a band I'd never heard of - which isn't surprising because they're Norwegian, and, unfortunately, bands don't achieve lasting popularity in the US unless they sing in English. I'm not counting one-off hits like "Gangnam Style," which IMO only took off here because of the video. Anyway, I guess the band Kaizers Orchestra will be familiar to a lot of my European readers. If so, you have my envy.

My introduction to Kaizers Orchestra came through the video below. Not only does it sound great even if you don't understand the lyrics, but the video has all kinds of fetishy goodness from gas masks to hints of mind control to prominently displayed cleavage...okay, well, cleavage isn't fetishy, but bear with me here. I liked this song so much that I downloaded it - and a lot of other music by the band - and listened to it several times last week. In the end, the song below wormed its way so deeply into my head that one night while I was trying to work on "Sleepwalkers," I couldn't concentrate on anything but "Knekker Deg Til Sist." It was like it was playing right inside my head, drowning out every other thought.

Well, naturally, once I could think again (the next day) I started thinking about MC. The first thing that occurred to me was Sara H's story Hiss, in which a woman puts on a pair of ear buds and then can't get them out, which eventually leads to her being brainwashed by subliminal messages (Tabico's New Tunez follows a similar pattern). A little later, I started thinking how appropriate it was that the song stuck in my head was sung in Norwegian, because how better to hide subliminal messages than in words the listener doesn't understand? I could build all kinds of interesting EMC stories around this idea. Maybe the words really aren't in a known language, but they've been scientifically designed to hit certain receptors in a listener's brain. Or maybe the words that don't make sense are covering the words that do make sense, on a subliminal level. Or maybe the music comes from an alien technology.

Run with it. Have fun.

As for me, I now have to get this music out of my head again so I can keep working on "Sleepwalkers" today. Wish me luck.

Friday, May 3, 2013

freeze, unfreeze

Janelle Monae has just released a new video that will have all the statue fetishists (including me) going crazy. It reminds me a lot of an old Wonder Woman episode - I bet a lot of you know which one I mean before I've even reached the end of this sentence - where the villain puts people into suspended animation, pretends they're sculptures, and sets them in museums to "unfreeze" later and steal things. Of course, he eventually tries to do the same with Wonder Woman. You can find clips on YouTube if you're so inclined.

Anyway, another great thing about this video is how Janelle comes oh so close to formally outing herself. There's one moment in particular with Erykah Badu where I was almost panting for them to kiss. Dammit, they didn't. But anyway, the song has some great lyrics about the people who try to oppress us. A sampling below, and then the video.

Hey brother can you save my soul from the devil?
Say is it weird to like the way she wear her tights?
And is it rude to wear my shades?
Am I a freak because I love watching Mary? (Maybe)

Hey sister am I good enough for your heaven?
Say will your God accept me in my black and white?
Will he approve the way I'm made?
Or should I reprogram the programming and get down?

Even if it makes others uncomfortable
I wanna love who I am
Even if it makes other uncomfortable
I will love who I am