Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wanna hear Callidus and me chat live?

Well, the first half of his interview with me is now up on YouTube, embedded below (You can also download it from iTunes if you take this link back to Cal's blog). Callidus told me he recorded 139 minutes of us talking, so you have plenty more to look forward to in the next podcast. As for what's in this half, I don't yet know myself because I'm making this post before listening to it. I was just that eager to get the word out about being interviewed on air. ;-) So all I can tell you so far is that Callidus has done a great job of disguising both our voices. I wouldn't recognize either one of us!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

What's in store

On Friday I made a brief post just to let you know that Callidus was going to interview me for a podcast. Here's a little update on how that went. It was fantastic: two long-time friends riffing on all the subjects we both love - and that you love too. I don't want to spoil everything, but here are some of the topics we discussed, in no particular order: mind control in The Avengers, Agent Carter, and Agents of SHIELD; a collaboration that the two of us have been plotting; how to work mind control into the Matrix storyverse; the Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer, which is soon to become a movie starring just the right actress; and our own, better version of Alien 3, which I hinted about way back here.

I can't wait for the podcast to go live. We had so much fun recording it, and I think you'll have a lot of fun listening to it.

Friday, June 19, 2015

This weekend I have something even *better* than a post for you

Did you know that Callidus now has an official podcast? He's put out two episodes out so far - available to watch on YouTube or to download on iTunes. And tomorrow night, Callidus will be interviewing me for a future podcast. I'm not sure what his turnaround time is, so I don't dare predict how long you'll have to wait between the recording and the publication, but I'm looking forward to the next step in closet exhibitionism.

Callidus has given me some ideas for things we might talk about, but I imagine we'll be free-styling most of it. And I expect lots of laughter, and lots of geeky ooh-ing and ahh-ing about our shared interests - from EMC to books to movies to...hmm...perhaps one or two stories we- oops! I don't know if I'm supposed to talk about those or not. We'll see. };-)

Anyway, enjoy the podcasts below. Callidus has altered his voice a bit, and he'll be altering mine too, but you'll still get to experience both of our stuff in a way you've never been able to do before.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Very nearly all that I'd hoped for

Back in February, I made a half queasy, half hopeful post about the upcoming album from Muse. It's called Drones, and all the hints dropped by the band before the album's debut led me to believe it would feature a lot of brainwashing, hypnosis, and depersonalization. And yes, fortunately, it does. The drones of the title are military drones, but Matt Bellamy has a lot of fun riffing on the dual meaning of the word. Almost every song on the album mentions some form of mind control. Take these lyrics from "The Handler," for instance:

You were my oppressor 
And I, I have been programmed to obey 
Now, you are my handler 
And I, I will execute your demands 

Leave me alone 
I must disassociate from you 

Behold my trance formation 
And you are empowered to do as you please 
My mind was lost in translation 
And my heart has become a cold and impassive machine 

I won't spend much time actually reviewing the album on my blog since I know you've come here to read about mind control, not music. But if you're wondering what I think about Drones overall, I'll say this much: it's very hard and very good. If you want proof, look no further than the lyrics video for "The Handler":

Friday, June 5, 2015

"Dark Spaces" is now live on Amazon

Now you can get four of my stories for the price of one. :-) Here's the link, and here's the book description:

Dark Spaces is composed of four stories (including one never published before) of erotic science fiction ranging from dark, humorously dark, to pitch black - sometimes all within the same story:

Love in a Silver Socket – A slave awakens bound in silver cords and dotted with mysterious sockets. She has no will or memory, just a burning love for her inhuman Mistress; but her old life might still keep her from enjoying her new one.

The Final Adventure of Doctor Theodore Steele and His Intrepid Assistant Franny – In this send-up of classic pulp science fiction, a stalwart adventurer and his sidekick meet their match when they take on a villain who has decided to stop playing by the pulp fiction rules.

What Happens in Decon – Captain Synon has a problem. She has less privacy than anyone aboard her spaceship, but she also has a fetish too strange and scandalous to risk discovery. The only place she can indulge herself is during decontamination, when she's locked tight inside her shuttle. After all, what happens in decon stays in decon…right?

What to Expect from Your Alien Brainwashing – While you’re relaxing in the processing chamber, why not take a moment to learn what your alien overlords have in store for you next? 

Finally, here's an easy favor you can do for me or any other Kindle Unlimited author you want to support. If you have a Kindle Prime account, please borrow our books before you buy them. If you borrow them and read at least 10% while still just borrowing, we get a magical "borrow" sale which is often more than we'd get from a straight-up sale. Of course, feel free to buy the book after borrowing and reading 10%, because then we get two sales off that one book. You'll make an author's day if you do that. Remember, most of us have so-called "real jobs" that don't satisfy us, while using our fun little "hobbies" to supplement our incomes.

Thanks, as always, to my friendly, loyal blog followers - and thanks also to my beta readers and reviewers!