Saturday, January 25, 2014

Of MILFs and Mind Control

I've just finished uploading "Union, Reunion: A Tale of MILFs and Mind Control" to Smashwords and Amazon. As usual, the Amazon link won't go live for about 12 hours; and my blog readers are better off purchasing from Smashwords anyway because here's a coupon code to get you 25% off, good for one month: BM25V.

And here's a synopsis:

Back in her college days, Allie was a goody-two-shoes; but now she’s a lesbian who writes mind control erotica and fantasizes about her old friend Becky, the girl who got away. When Allie is invited to a reunion with her ex-sorority sisters, she tries to hide her secrets; but “trying” isn’t good enough when she’s faced with an entity right out of her darkest fantasies. Despite herself, Allie will show her sisters how much she’s changed. Then she’ll change them.

It all begins at Hunt’s Peak, where, more than a hundred years ago, Mama Gilman and her cult called forth a creature from beyond the stars. Now that creature is back, looking to reclaim the ground it lost and make further gains; and in Allie it’s found the perfect vessel. With her combination of lusts and imagination, she might be able to deliver the whole world into the Mother’s lap.

 “Union, Reunion” is Lovecraftian erotica about mind control, MILFs, and magic of the darkest kind.

I had a lot of fun creating this cover.  Be sure to notice the smirk I put on Venus. Also, if you look closely, you might notice that everything that isn't Venus is octopod. I found a bunch of great public domain art here. It's a fun site to browse.

One of the great classics of mind control science fiction

I guess no matter who you are or what you're obsessed with, you can't cover all the bases of that obsession. One base I've missed until now -- despite being a lifelong fan of books, science fiction, and mind control -- is Robert A. Heinlein's The Puppet Masters. I didn't get to read it until last week. Now, in my defense, I do have an excuse. And I'll share it if anyone actually wants to know, but I don't think you came here to read about teenage neuroses. So instead, let me tell you why you should read The Puppet Masters. Then I'll give you an extended quote from the hottest scene.

The villains in this story are a race of mind-controlling alien slugs who ride their victims like jockeys ride horses. Quite naturally, they want to conquer the earth; and quite naturally, there are a handful of secret agents who want to stop them. Their leader is "the Old Man," but the protagonist is a younger agent who mostly goes by "Sam." In the scene I'm about to quote, Sam has been taken over by a slug, but he and it have been captured, and the Old Man is trying to interrogate the slug. He has Sam strapped to a chair with a hole in its back, leaving the slug exposed; but Sam has to do the talking for his master because it doesn't have a human mouth.

You'll appreciate this scene even more if you know that 1) Sam was a tough-ass secret agent at the beginning of the book, but 2) he was also terrified by what the slugs could do and literally nauseated at the thought of being controlled by one of them.

Now here we go. I'll pick up just after the Old Man finishes threatening the slug in order to make it talk.

I listened with half an ear; I had already been trying my bonds, neither hoping nor fearing, but finding them, as I expected, impossible to escape. This did not worry me; I had neither worries nor fears. I was oddly contented to be back with my master, to be free of troubles and tensions. My business was to serve and the future would take care of itself.

In the meantime, I must be alert, ready to serve him.

One ankle strap seemed less tight than the other; possibly I might drag my foot through it. I checked on the arm clamps; perhaps if I relaxed my muscles completely--

But I made no effort to escape. An instruction came at once -- or, I made a decision, for the words mean the same; I tell you there was no conflict between my master and me; we were one -- instruction or decision, I knew it was not time to risk escape. I ran my eyes around the room, trying to figure out who was armed and who was not. It was my guess that only the Old Man was armed; that bettered the chances....

"Well?" the Old Man went on. "Do you answer my questions, or do I punish you?"

"What questions?" I asked. "Up to now, you've been talking nonsense."

The Old Man turned to one of the technicians. "Give me the tickler."

I felt no apprehension, although I did not understand what it was he had asked for. I was still busy checking my bonds. If I could tempt him into placing his gun within my reach -- assuming that I could get one arm free -- then I might be able to --

He reached past my shoulders with a rod. I felt a shocking, unbearable pain. The room blacked out as if a switch has been thrown and for an undying instant I was jolted and twisted by hurt. I was split apart by it; for the moment I was masterless.

The pain left, leaving only its searing memory behind. Before I could speak, or even think coherently for myself, the splitting away had ended and I was again safe in the arms of my master. But for the first and only time in my service to him I was not myself free of worry; some of his own wild fear and pain was passed on to me, the servant.

I looked down and saw a line of red welling out of my left wrist; in my struggles I had cut myself on the clamp. It did not matter; I would tear off hands and feet to escape from there on bloody stumps, if escape for my master were possible that way.

"Well," asked the Old Man, "how did you like the taste of that?"

The panic that possessed me washed away; I was again filled with an unworried sense of well being, albeit wary and watchful. My wrists and ankles, which had begun to pain me, stopped hurting. "Why did you do that?" I asked. "Certainly, you can hurt me -- but why?"

"Answer my questions."

"Ask them."

"What are you?"

 The answer did not come at once. The Old Man reached for the rod; I heard myself saying, "We are the people."

"The people? What people?"

"The only people. We have studied you and we know your ways. We--" I stopped suddenly.

"Keep talking," the Old Man said grimly, and gestured with the rod.

"We come," I went on, "to bring you--"

"To bring us what?"

I wanted to talk; the rod was terrifyingly close. But there was some difficulty with words. "To bring you peace," I blurted out.

The Old Man snorted.

"Peace," I went on, "and contentment -- and the joy of -- of surrender." I hesitated again; "surrender" was not the right word. I struggled with it the way one struggles with a poorly grasped foreign language. "The joy," I repeated, "--the joy of...nirvana." That was it; the word fitted. I felt like a dog being patted for fetching a stick; I wriggled with pleasure.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Purely for the sake of laughs

I found this a minute ago on Gizmodo and thought it was fairly amusing, so I've decided to share. :-)

Next weekend I'll treat you to an extended quote from one of the mainstream-ish SF MC classics, and sometime after that will be a new e-book. In the meantime, have a smile.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Big Trouble 2...x2

So here's the follow-up to last week's manip.You're getting two versions of it because I know some of you want to see Jack's johnson and some of you don't. Yeah, it's a shame that you can see his equipment when you can't see Susan Wayland's, but I doubt the male model gets as much exposure (hah) as she does. He's not a porn star, just some kid who was willing to get his kit off for a photographer.

That photographer, BTW, takes lots of pictures of handsome, submissive men; so if you're into that sort of thing, check out his Deviant Art page - and also check out this guy's Deviant Art page. I plan to use more of these photographers' images for this series, but hopefully I won't have to do as much work to them as I had to do with this model. See, this is what I started with. I'm showing him to you because even though this manip isn't perfect, I want you to know how much work I put into it. ;-)

And this is how much work I put into to the Susan Wayland part of the image. Again, I mainly just want you to know; but I also know that more of you come to this blog to see hot women than to see hot men. So enjoy.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Trouble

Here's another of those photomanips I was making and stockpiling over the holidays. Now you know why I've been hunting for photos of handsome, submissive-looking young men. You're damn right this image will have a follow-up! I've already done one and have plans for more. The problem is that these things can take hours or even days to create if you're as obsessive as I am. You might not even realize how many things I changed about the Susan Wayland photo I started with, but if you want to have a look, compare my manip with the first of the three photos in this old post. Now think about this: I did two or three times as much work on "Big Trouble 2." Sadly, a lot of that was self inflicted. I won't bore you with the details; I'll just say I hope I've learned my lesson about over-manipulating.

Anyway, I'll share that manip next weekend; but before I close this post, just let me call your attention to the fonts. I'm sure you noticed the changes in color, size, and typeface on your own; but just notice the beauty and perfection of that custom font. I went looking for something that combined a pseudo-Asian vibe with a cybernetic vibe, and I ended up with Orchidee from Granted, I could have gone with something more in keeping with the tone of Big Trouble in Little China; but this manip series is only very loosely connected to the movie, and that font was just too good to pass up.

Obsessive, remember? ;-)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Live-action manga

Well, here I am again as promised - with the first of several gifts for you. For the last few weeks I've been working on MC-themed photomanips. This is the first one I did. It's my attempt to create a live-action version of a manga MC scene, complete with huge, cloudy eyes and ridiculous body proportions. Fortunately, Bianca Beauchamp had some of those ridiculous proportions already. All I had to fiddle with was her face.

Next week I'll share the first of a two- (so far) image set based loosely on Big Trouble in Little China. I've dreamed up a Mistress who keeps a harem of both sexes - thus explaining my recent Google hunt for naked men. I finally found the right source for handsome male submissives and expect to mine it further as I continue the series. There are just so many places I could go with it.

Speaking of which, I'd love to find a good source for pictures of beautiful women in submissive poses - ideally clad in latex and/or corsets. I'm only interested in softcore shots, and natural-looking breasts are a must. If you have any favorite pictures or recommendations for sites to look at, feel free to drop me a comment or an email.