Sunday, July 15, 2018

BDSM comedy?

It's been a very Aspie weekend for me. The more stressed I feel, the harder I obsess over whatever I'm currently interested in. Right now that's The Try Guys, a quartet of professional videographers/performers (formerly of Buzzfeed) who make YouTube videos in which they try various experiences for the first time. They're famously willing to do anything, from testing makeup tutorials on themselves to learning ballet to swimming with sharks. In this video, they're exploring BDSM with the help of a professional dominatrix, and they've brought along some female friends.

A few things you should know, going in:
1) Yes, The Try Guys is a comedy series, but it's also about being open-minded and willing to learn. As they begin this experience, their attitude is playful curiosity. They aren't making fun of BDSM (In fact, you can tell that some of them really got into it - even the very straight-and-married Ned), although they do make fun of that book. As well they should.
2) None of the "couples" in this video are couples in real life; they're all just good friends.
3) Eugene is the only actual LGBT in the group, and he's also the most adventurous. I'd be astonished if he hadn't already experimented with BDSM before making this video.
4) Zach is my spirit animal.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

If you build it, they will come

Eventually, I promise, I will get around to sharing that hot-as-fuck vintage EMC story with you. But in the meantime, how could I possibly resist posting this?