Sunday, September 20, 2015

What's up next

My posting schedule might be a little irregular for a while, but don't worry; I haven't forgotten you. Life is complicated right now, but one part of it involves a brand new story that I'm just about ready to start writing. It took me quite a while to work out the details of this one because of its origin.

Some of my long-time blog readers will remember that a few years ago, I was planning a second collaboration (after publishing the Quick and Dirty Anthology) with trilby else, Tabico, Iago, and some others; but our lineup was constantly in flux, and ultimately we had to drop the project. But I can tell you more about it now, because I've gotten permission to write up my part of the story, with some changes, as an independent piece.

In the epic we originally envisioned, a human spaceship had been invaded by insectile aliens that attached to and enslaved its crew, and they'd forced this ship to ram into another one for the purpose of taking it over. Each of us was going to follow a few characters aboard the second ship as they scrambled to hide and/or escape into space. We were going to call the story "Transfixed" because it made a nice triple entendre (The two ships are literally transfixed, the victims are transfixed by MC, and "transfixed" is a play on "trance-fixed." Don't say I never gave you anything).

My part of the story had the captain of the second ship being captured and tempted by the captain of the first ship, a woman who had once been her lover and was now the aliens' eager puppet. Then I had a third character, an innocent peon with a crush on my heroine, whom she was trying to protect while he tried to avoid capture. Never mind the "whys" of all that, because the situation has changed a bit, and I don't want to spoil the parts that haven't changed. I'll just tell you this: the aliens are still somewhat insectile, although not what we originally envisioned; and  my three characters still exist, though in altered form. The biggest difference is that the ex-lover is now a man. I decided to change his gender as a way to stretch myself. It'll be fun to write a different kind of seduction scene (For the record, this will be nothing like the Paolo/Shara scene in Sleepwalkers. It'll be sexy rather than horrific.).

I'll admit I'm curious to know how my longtime fans will react to the new direction. You wouldn't keep reading my stuff if you weren't into lesbian sex; but judging by the comments and emails you send me, you're evenly divided between genders, and a lot of my male fans are subs. That being the case, I hope you'll like seeing an MC'ed man tempting a free woman to give in.

As always, feel free to leave comments below. I've set up my blog so that you can comment in total anonymity, and I never delete anything but spam and troll posts. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Honey wine

I hear there's a perfect wine for every entree. It might be true, although I can think of several dishes that could only be served with wine from a box. Thankfully, tonight's vintage is so fine that I had to match entrees to it rather than vice-versa. I think you'll like my choices.

 Last week I posted about Carmilla, the mother of all lesbian vampire stories. One of the commenters who replied to my post, Fax Paladin, mentioned the transformation scene in Invasion of the Bee Girls as being a touchstone of his fetish. I'd heard of the movie before but had never seen it, and I had no idea whether it would do anything for me; but after reading Fax Paladin's comment I had to look it up on YouTube. You can find the whole movie there, but I don't recommend trying to watch it all the way through. It's not worth much overall except when Anitra Ford is onscreen. I'd submit to any transformation she demanded, just for a single kiss. But the scene that cemented Fax Paladin's fetish would have cemented mine as well, if I'd only had the chance to see it before other sources made me a permanent EMC slave girl.

Really, though, how could I have lived this long without having seen the Bee Girls transformation clip? Most movies featuring MC and/or transformation scenes stint on what we fetishists consider the good stuff, but not the team behind Invasion of the Bee Girls. They milked this scene for every drop of fetish it was worth. Have a look, and once you've pulled yourself together again afterwards, scroll down a little further to see my recommendations for entrees to accompany this fine honeyed wine.

The first story I was reminded of, after viewing this scene, was Tabico's A Scent of Malt and Flesh. Here, women on a camping trip are transformed into meta-humans in a burgeoning hive, with the strongest two eventually engaging a telepathic showdown for the title of Queen Bee. Meanwhile the male characters are reduced to drones who are simultaneously luckier and unluckier than the men in Anitra Ford's movie (Don't pretend it isn't her movie). These guys aren't fucked to death, but they're not fucked, period. The bee-women just don't have much use for them anymore.

Actually, I don't know if it's fair to use that term for the women in Tabico's story. She does love women with bee eyes, and I have no doubt she's already seen Invasion of the Bee Women, but the parallels aren't as clear in her story as they are in Honey Chile by Libertine. In this one, the protagonist is quite literally turned into a black-eyed bee-woman, and part of the process involves being slathered head-to-toe in honey. It's ridiculously easy to imagine Anitra Ford playing the Queen Bee in this story.

Anitra Ford. Anitra Ford. Anitra Ford. Go on: you know you want to chant it too.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The mother of all lesbian vampire movies

Have you heard of Carmilla? In its first life it was a vampire novel that predated Bram Stoker's Dracula by 26 years, but even in that incarnation, Carmilla was quite clearly a lesbian. It's almost comical how the heroine, Laura, fails to notice what her strange new friend is up to. Carmilla is constantly stroking Laura and declaring her quite literally undying love for the girl. She even says she wants Laura to die and be resurrected so they can be together forever. But as smart as Laura is - and she is very smart - she's lived such a sheltered life that she thinks Carmilla is just a little flaky. It's funny and scary all at once, since Laura has no clue that her "friend" is a supernatural stalker who's killing her a sip at a time.

In 1970 Hammer Films turned Carmilla into a movie called The Vampire Lovers, and they actually made the lesbianism of the story even more explicit. Then they cast two incredibly hot leads (the dewy innocent Pippa Steel as Laura and the irresistibly sultry Ingrid Pitt as Carmilla) and gave them a love scene that, even though it's softcore, must have shocked the hell out of 1970 audiences who thought they were in for a mere horror movie. But I can't imagine they were unhappy for very long. The sight of Pippa's perfect breasts would cure any ailment. Let me share that love scene with you - and then the seduction/betrayal scene that comes right afterwards.

Carmilla works her mind control on Laura first, with nothing more than a kiss, and before long Laura is naked and rolling wide, glazed eyes as the vampire teases her nipples and then bites her just above the areola. No necks for this lesbian vamp! She's after sweeter prizes. And yes, the breast bite is in the original story too. Read it, if you're interested. You can find it free here.

Then in comes the governess, who until now has been a kindly, protective figure; but before long she's fallen even deeper than Laura under Carmilla's control. Watch her face as she slides from groggy compliance to surprised arousal and finally outright lust when Carmilla lures her into another room and undresses. You won't have any doubts about what happens next, even though it's not shown. You just see the governess looking very satisfied the next morning, and after that she's become a perfect Renfield.

Unfortunately, there's no way to embed a video on Blogger in such a way that it starts at the point you want, so I'll have to give you the whole movie here and tell you to skip forward to 44:58. That's where the Laura/Carmilla scene starts, and the governess scene comes just afterward. Oh, and here's a tip to help you enjoy the scenes even more: pay close attention to the details of Laura's dream. It's chock full of lesbian innuendo.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Colonized is now available for your reading pleasure

And, as usual, I'm giving my blog readers a discount for your continued support. I've gone back to publishing my ebooks dually on Amazon and Smashwords, so this coupon code is for Smashwords: YZ46W. Note: The coupon expires after one week, so if you're planning on using it, get on over to Smashwords now. Here's the link.

The book is also available on Amazon here.

I'll put the story synopsis at the bottom of this post, but before I do, here's a tragic little tale for anyone wondering why I started using Smashwords again.  Kindle Unlimited was a goldmine for a little while because its illogical borrowing policy meant writers got paid more for a $.99 ebook someone borrowed than for a $.99 ebook someone bought. We all loved the system while it lasted, but we knew it couldn't last, and it didn't. Kindle revised its policy in June, and now we get almost nothing from borrows unless they're for novel-length books. That being the case, I've pulled almost all my stuff out of KU and am now selling it in two places at once again. The only exceptions are my novel-length Sleepwalkers, What Do You Give the Alien Who Has Everything? and Dark Spaces. Those will stay in Kindle Unlimited because they're long enough to make the exclusivity worth it.

Speaking of which, I'd encourage any of you enrolled in Kindle Prime to borrow those three books and just flip through them, even if you don't read them. It's an easy way to help me out, and you don't have to spend a cent to do it. ;-)

Now here's the synopsis for Colonized:

After a raid destroys their colony, a small ship of humans flees into space, desperately searching for a new world to replace their stolen one. Just as their supplies are running out, they find what seems like paradise: a lush green planet with a breathable atmosphere and no natural predators. Well, there is one predator, but the humans don't notice Her because She's as large as the planet itself.

The Queen is over two million years old, and after such a long and varied existence, She's too refined to eat Her prey. That would be a waste of entertainment. She'd rather play with them; and in the end they're happy to be played with. In fact, they want nothing more.

As always, the game begins when the Queen chooses an Avatar, a victim through whom She can play the game up close. But making Her newest proxy leads to an unexpected complication. Another human, one slated to serve as a pawn, proves worthy of a greater role. Now the Queen must make a second choice: stick to Her original plan or change the rules of the game.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Cover reveal

"Colonized" is coming very soon, possibly as early as Monday night. In the meantime, I've finished the cover and am sharing it now for your viewing pleasure. If you're interested, here's the image I started with. I touched up the woman and then dropped her into a background by a different artist, and I'm ridiculously pleased with the color combination. I had no idea it would work so well.

Anyway, I'm using Smashwords again and will give you a coupon code that's good for just one week, so watch this space and don't miss your chance to get 25% off.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Part 2 of my interview with Callidus

And here it is, folks: the conclusion to my epic live interview with Callidus.

We start out talking about MC (and the surprising lack thereof) in the various Marvel franchises. This section includes an impromptu visualization of a scene I'd like to have seen played out on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Listening to the audio again, I realize I actually left Callidus speechless for a couple of seconds. I'm proud of that. ;-) From there we move on to a debate about how to fit MC into the Matrix storyverse, we reminisce about the better plot for Alien 3 that we came up with together, and we gradually veer off into hilarious full-on geekery. I think you'll enjoy it all.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

a perfect trance

In case you've been living under a rock and hadn't noticed, YouTube is stuffed with snippets from TV shows and movies of people getting MC'ed. I have no idea who most of the posters are, although I have a hunch many of them are the same person. You don't come up with a nickname like "jbvljkvwlfh" unless you're tapping random keys on your keyboard to create one of many disposable accounts. The snippets themselves have random titles too, things like "Mind Control 37" or an all-caps abbreviation of a TV show/movie title, anything to throw production studios off the scent. Well, hell, I don't mind!

Unfortunately, most of these videos don't do anything for me. I don't like bimbofication, I don't think possession counts as mind control, and I don't like it when I can't can't tell the character is being controlled (i.e., when a good character I'm not familiar with suddenly turns evil. How am I supposed to know they're not always evil?).

On the other side of the coin there are excellent MC videos like the one I'm linking to below. It's not embeddable, but I promise you it's worth clicking. This clip hits almost all my fetish buttons: total destruction of personality and will; a slow, dazed walk with the woman's hands flat at her sides; deep trance in public with no one noticing or helping her; robotic responses in public with people still not noticing or helping her; and as the coup de grace, betrayal of the heroes to their enemies.

It doesn't get much better than this.