Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Temporarily Tattooed Lovelies

I found the pic at left (and a few others from the same photo shoot) on Ulorin Vex's blog here. I had some difficulty deciding which one to use, since there's another one where she's posed more like a doll and you can't see her pupils, which really pushes my fetish buttons. But IMO, the corset, skirt, gloves and garters on top of the henna tattoos is just overkill; so I decided to focus on the bit I find most beautiful.

The artist is Angela Holthuis, and she does all kinds of makeup and hair effects, not just henna - though, again IMO, her henna work is the most beautiful part of her portfolio. Here, have a look at a couple more of my favorites - and by all means, check out Holthuis' whole site.

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