Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here's my new story

I still can't get into the EMCSA, but alphaxenon left a cryptic suggestion in a post below that I'm still trying to figure out how to use. I'll Google for more information in a little while. As for right now, I'd like to know if anyone else is still having problems getting into the EMCSA, or if it's just me and a few other dorks who don't know how to flush their DNS caches. ;-/

Anyway, I decided to e-mail the story to Simon and to post it myself, meaning all bases are now covered. I just e-mailed him this morning, so I don't know if the story will show up in this week's update or next week's; but you can go ahead and access it here, if you like: If Wishes Were Horses.

I'll post a "Peek Beneath the Duct Tape" on it later today.


fembotheather said...

One question: What is a DNS cache? :)

thrall said...

DNS = Domain Name server...or something like that. I think the DNS cache is a list of IP addresses that go with various domain names. Since the EMCSA has a new IP address, your old cache might keep your browser aiming at the wrong address. I think. ;-/ Someone *please* correct me if I'm wrong.

fembotheather said...


I guess I've been clearing that . . . I have a program that clears junk, which probably includes that.

You'd think that with a handle like "fembot" I'd know more about computers, but I don't. I use them when they are working, and when they aren't, I pass them off to someone who knows what the Hell they're doing.:)

I know that I promised that I'd be reading things the other day, your new story included, but life ate my reading time. Today is the day I shall be reading.