Saturday, March 19, 2011

By request: spiders!

An anonymous commenter pointed me toward this video by The Cure. Sadly, it's not embeddable, but I promise you it's worth the time to click over to YouTube and have a look. Well, unless you're deathly afraid of spiders, that is. ;-)

As for me, I couldn't help being reminded of my collaboration with Tabico on Arachnae, or the Icky-Squicky Spider. You've got a guy seemingly paralyzed in bed but too numb to feel much fear,  dead-eyed band members who've already succumbed to the venom and turned into zombies, a cackling spider-freak wrapped up in a corner, and even a spiderweb over a guy's face fluttering in the breeze of his breath. Oh, and that final shot! It's like they switched over from "Arachnae" to Octopus Vulgaris for a moment, just for kicks.

I don't know about Tabico (though I do hope she drops by to weigh in on the topic), but I never saw more than one or two Cure videos when the band was popular, and I knew nothing about this fetish-o-rama. It's almost funny how so many of these images made their way into "Arachnae." Must be something in the collective unconscious. A China Mieville Weaver, perhaps? ;-)


Tabico said...

Like the Cure, have a bunch of their albums, danced to them in many goth clubs, first time I've ever seen that video in my life. :)

FX35 said...

Never heard of the Cure, but do you listen to Daft Punk? One of my all time favorite groups.

thrall said...

Tabico: Great to see you around! And nice to know we were *both* inspired by the Collective Spider Unconscious without knowing about this video. ;-)

FX35: Sorry, nope, I've never heard any of Daft Punk's music. I know the name, though!