Saturday, June 4, 2011

You're welcome.

The current top entry on Apnea's blog is a flickering mishmash of images: Apnea and at least two other models doing various things in tubs and on beds and with an inflatable doll. The pictures go by too quickly for you to get a good look at any of them, but they certainly are least, until the flickering gives you a migraine.

Thank goodness for Microsoft GIF Animator, a freeware program you can download from CNet, if you're so inclined. I finally got so tired of wondering what was going on that I saved Apnea's animated GIF and took it apart one image at a time. It turned out to have19 pictures total, each separated by an empty black square. Turning them into GIF's had created a little white noise, which I fixed easily enough, and then I decided to turn them over to you for your enjoyment. You're welcome. ;)

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