Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting back on track with Virtual Hypnotist

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know I lost all my old Virtual Hypnotist sessions in a computer crash earlier this year. Since then, I've been slowly recreating my morning and bedtime sessions based on scraps and older versions of the sessions.

The morning session is now in...acceptable...shape, although there's a lot more I need to do with it before I can enjoy it properly. But that's less of a priority than my bedtime session, since I only run the morning session every now and then, for fun. I use the bedtime session every night to help me wind down enough to get to sleep.

Fortunately, Bedtime 2.0 is in excellent shape now. It's a little different than it used to be because I couldn't recreate it exactly, but I think the new wording is mostly an improvement over the old wording. Let me give you a few examples, which you're welcome to plug into your own VH sessions if you like. I just ask that you give me credit for them, if you share those sessions with anyone else later on. I'm also leaving out the bits of code and other tweaks I use to make the speech synthesizer sound more human. After all, I don't want to make things too easy for you. ;-)

Anyway, here are some bits I'm especially proud of:

     You can hear my voice, and the music, echoing through your empty head; and you know that the echoes mean your head is already very, very empty. But there is still one thing in your head besides my voice and the music. There is a wormhole at the very bottom of your mind. 
     Picture this wormhole now, spiraling gently inward, there at the bottom of your mind. Every time one of your thoughts becomes logical enough and heavy enough for you to notice it, the gravity of the wormhole draws it in and carries it down, down, down. Far below your body. Far beneath your chair. Much too far for you to find it again tonight. 
     Gravity is such a powerful, pervasive natural phenomenon. Nothing with any weight can resist it. 
     But music has no weight. And subconscious thoughts and unconscious dreams have no weight. So they're not affected by the gravity of the wormhole. They will become even more powerful, even more pervasive, as your conscious thoughts spiral down into the wormhole and disappear.
     Already, you can't hear yourself think over the music. And if you can't hear yourself think, how do you know what you are thinking? 

     You don't. 
     What you hear, is what you think. It's just too hard to think anything else, when the music is right there in the center of your mind. It's too much trouble to pay attention to your own thoughts, when you can't even hear them. So you can just let the music be your thoughts. It's so much easier that way. So much more relaxing. And all you want to do right now is relax anyway.

     And of course, your mind and your body are connected.  Picture the nerves that run from your brain, down your spinal column, and throughout your body. Just as your brain sends signals to your body, your body sends signals to your brain. So as your body relaxes, your mind relaxes too. It's a loop. A circuit. A spiral.

     The inside of your head is a vast hollow cavern, filled with nothing but music and echoes. Only your subconscious thoughts, and your unconscious dreams, can move freely through this vast empty space, because subconscious thoughts and unconscious dreams have no weight. Everything else gets drawn into the wormhole and erased. It feels so wonderfully relaxing, to let all your conscious thoughts be erased.

     And now you are even deeper. And going deeper still. Deeper by the second. You have made such a nice, inviting playground for the nonsense. Even your conscious mind is pretending to be asleep now. The music, and the wormhole, have erased and replaced so many thoughts, leaving so much beautiful, relaxing emptiness. And the music echoes through that emptiness so beautifully. The music invites the nonsense, and the dreams, to come out and play. Now they are peeking eagerly out from the darkest corners of your mind.  They want to come out and play. They can tell how relaxed you are. How empty your mind is becoming. Because mind and body are connected. In a spiral. And your body is so clearly very, very, relaxed.

Now, the next suggestion is very important, if you plan to use the "How do you know what you're thinking?" bit in your sessions:

When you wake in the morning, you will feel refreshed and ready to get out of bed. The wormhole will have disappeared, and you will think normally, and be able to focus easily on whatever task is at hand.

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