Saturday, March 10, 2012

My most frequently asked question

From time to time I get emails from my blog readers, and in those emails, one question pops up more than any other. They've experimented with hypnosis either through Virtual Hypnotist or a live hypnotist, and they just don't think they're going under.

I always tell them what people told me when I started experimenting: they're probably going deeper than they think they are. You can test this for yourself by focusing on how relaxed your body is, when you're listening to a hypnotic induction. Notice how limp your arms and legs are. Notice how slack your jaw has become. Notice how you just don't really want to move. You could move, you tell yourself; but you're just too comfortable to bother. You see, feeling this way means you're at least somewhat hypnotized.

At this point, you might argue that only your body is hypnotized; your mind is still wide awake. But think about this: yes, you really could move, if you were motivated enough - but you're not. And motivation comes from the mind, not the body. Your mind is at least somewhat involved in the hypnosis. So it's only a matter of practice and finding the right imagery to make you feel it.

Having a real, certified hypnotist as a partner is the best way to go, but of course, not everyone has access to that. And even if you do have access to a hypnotist, that doesn't mean you have access to a kinky hypnotist. And even if you do have access to a kinky hypnotist, that doesn't mean you should automatically trust them enough to take you deep. As a matter of fact, I hope you won't trust them that much until you really get to know them. Anything else is dangerous.

As for those of you who don't have access to a kinky hypnotic sex partner, Virtual Hypnotist can be pretty fucking awesome - if you're willing to take time with it. Those of you who've been following my blog for awhile (especially the "My Hypnotic Adventure"-tagged posts) know I started out in the same "I don't think I'm going deep" boat as many of you. Well, I can say with absolute certainly that I'm going very deep now. In fact, I had an absolutely unbelievable experience just this morning. Too bad I don't remember it completely, but that's by choice. I like the idea of having a Mistress who implants commands I can't even follow. And the fact that she's really me, the fact that I devised these commands myself to enrich my life and give myself pleasure, allows me to go as deep as I like. I trust "her" completely, because I can.

That's the biggest advantage to VH: if you write your own scripts, you have total control - even when you don't remember that you have it. You know just how to push your own buttons, and you can trust yourself more than you can trust just about anyone else, so that allows you to go extremely deep and have an extremely pleasurable experience. It just takes time to get there.

Caveat: I don't recommend pushing the envelope too much on the self-trust issue. I always preach safe play, so I hope you won't try to program yourself for intentional harm. At the very, very least, I imagine it would make you less likely to trust yourself in the future - and that could lead to poorer hypnotic results. At the worst, who knows? I don't. Just don't try it.

When you're writing scripts for yourself, try to get into the headspace of a kinky but ultimately benevolent hypnotist. Any post-hypnotic suggestions should be designed to enhance your well-being. Tell yourself you're a good person, a strong person, able to cope well with difficult situations in life. Tell yourself you can resist temptation to do things that would harm you. Tell yourself you deserve love and happiness, and you can find it.

And when you're giving yourself commands about how to react to hypnosis in the future (for instance, going deeper every time you hear your trigger), make sure you give yourself an "out" so you don't get yourself into trouble. For instance, suppose you've chosen "broccoli" as your trigger word. You don't want to fall into a trance every time you hear that word, because who knows when or where you might hear it? Worst case scenario, you could be shopping at your local grocery and suddenly drop your pants and start humping the produce. Okay, I'm kidding...but not entirely. Do follow up any suggestions about trigger words or falling into trance again with conditions: when it will work, and when it won't.

I also think it's important to program yourself not to be controlled by just anybody.   Don't let some random stranger who knows your kink take advantage of you, and don't become so submissive that it affects your everyday interactions. Tell yourself you'll only be hypnotized or otherwise manipulated when you consciously want it.

But enough preaching. I hope these tips will help you get the most out of your hypnotic play. If you want more information about how to customize Virtual Hypnotist, just look up to the top of the sidebar here; I have a whole tutorial.

*The image at the top of this post came from Bizarre. The model is Sophie Howard.

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