Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And now for something completely different

I recommend this next clip only for those in both a weird and an indulgent mood, but if you meet the criteria you might get a nice little Lovecraftian MC buzz out of it.

For the last several days I've been having a conversation with my slash-loving email friend about our different tastes in music. I like rock, punk and alternative; she likes musicals from the '50's and '60's. Somehow we got on the subject of an overblown Richard Harris (yes, that Richard Harris) album from 1969 that she described as being incredibly awful. Well, I just had to hear it for myself, so she sent me a link to the following video. What she didn't realize, since she was focused solely on the melodrama, was that I'd actually enjoy it because the lyrics were right up my MC-loving alley. This abomination is called "The Hive" for good reason.

If you choose to listen, just go with the melodrama. Imagine it's Lovecraft himself telling you an Elder Gods story, the kind where he gets increasingly strident until he bangs you over the head with the last sentence by putting it in terrifying italics. Yeah, it's like that. ;-P


Traveller28 said...

Lovecraft really floats my boat - an author friend of mine featured my partner Linda in a Lovecraft homage fiction that is due to be published soon.


I do wish they would make Dagon available on bluray :)

Erin said...

Dear sweet mother of all that's good in the universe ... that was so bad it was actually good. Definitely a Lovecraftian-bent there and you're right about the italicised last sentence!