Sunday, August 5, 2012

Unexpected treasure

I just stumbled across this video by a band I'd never heard of, but you might have: Nero. If you don't care for the music, turn off your speakers and just watch the story unfold. It's very nearly MC nirvana.

It also reminds me of a book I enjoyed as a teen: This Perfect Day, by Ira Levin. I'll give you a little synopsis, mostly spoiler-free in case you want to check it out for yourself. It's definitely worth a read. The story takes place in a future where selective breeding and drugs have turned everyone into near-clones who even share the same small set of names. They seem to be living quite happily in a utopian environment, but you don't see at first how much the drugs influence their outlook.

Then the protagonist, nicknamed Chip, finds a way around the obligatory monthly injection and starts to see life in a new way. He meets up with a small band of fellow rebels and falls in love with one of them, but resistance is tricky when one shot of whatever-it-is turns you back into a happy drone who'd betray your friends in a heartbeat.

I feel almost sure the makers of this video have read that book.


Traveller28 said...

Nice find! Very similar to the film "Equilibrium" in concept!

BTW, I have a question to ask if you have a moment? It's regarding if you know of anyone who might enjoy a potential collaboration of putting some text to this set of images I created?

The helmet is meant to have a mind controlling effect....

Please accept my apologies if this is out of place etc!

thrall said...

Yes, I've seen and enjoyed Equilibrium too. It's a very underrated film, IMO.

To find a collaborator for work on the images you've shared, try posting on the MC Forum and/or the MC Garden. Good luck!

Traveller28 said...

Cheers, I guess I am too used to lurking ;) Will check out these places :)

XF said...

I thought I might have been the only person to have read "This Perfect Day"! A very underrated novel... thanks for mentioning it!