Monday, October 15, 2012

Goddamn ASSTR

I just want to say how frustrated I am that the EMCSA is still half broken. I checked into the MC Forum and MC Garden yesterday, just long enough to see if there were any updates about the situation, and it appears that there aren't any. What's more, some folks are expressing doubts that the ASSTR will ever get around to fixing the problem. If they don't, I can imagine people eventually migrating their stories to other sites, but it would be a shame to see the EMCSA go down. It's been such a unique and wonderful resource for so long, and Simon's a hero to maintain it like he does.

But I'm getting way ahead of myself. Maybe the ASSTR will fix things, or maybe Simon or another EMCSA regular will find a workaround.

In the meantime, those of you following Tabico's Compromise will be happy to know that the ten chapters she posted before all this trouble started are still available, and even if she doesn't get the chance to post the rest of the story, she's left off at a very good place place. Not every question is answered, but most of them are - barring a last-minute twist. Slave Shuu's odd advice Lady Li-Hwa is still on my mind, as well as Slave Shuu's even-odder behavior afterwards. Maybe someone will save the day...or at least try.

Anyway, if you've started "Compromise" but are having trouble getting to chapters nine and ten, just go to the end of chapter eight and do a hard refresh* (or two or three). Eventually you'll get the right-pointing arrow that takes you to chapter nine. You might have to hard refresh again at the bottom of nine, but eventually you'll get get to chapter ten.

It's a great story. If you're missing your EMC fix and haven't started "Compromise" yet, now's your chance.

*Control + F5


enisign sparky said...

you can always use rss to track when new stories are put up. it seems independent of the web page. the rss links should work ok.

GhostWriter said...

I have to question if ASSTR can fix the problem. It has been ongoing for awhile on so whatever the problem is, it must be big for it to be still there. Hopefully things will be fix or Simon might have to move the site or closed it down.

Hyp Dirk said...

Is there a reason you can't use, or don't want to use, Svengali as a work-around?

Simon loads the files onto one server, and ASSTR isn't synching with it (as you probably saw), but Frog has setup svengali to only load from the working server.

There is a lot more than the EMCSA on ASSTR-- are the other sites having trouble too?

thrall said...

I didn't know what Svengali was. Thanks for the tip!