Saturday, April 13, 2013

Guest poster Lady K weighs in again on "Sleepwalkers"

First, a very brief update of my own regarding my upcoming novella...which, I think, is probably technically a novel by now. It's grown to 11 chapters, but thankfully, that's the final count. Yes, I'm certain. I'm down to the final scene now - although there's still lots of polishing to do before I'm ready to post anything. But it's hilarious to look back at the older entries I made about the story and to see how I kept revising my estimations about the length. My original idea was that it would be a whopping six chapters!  Anyway, I'm still shooting for posting the Chapter 1 on the EMCSA in about two months, give or take; and I'll post at least part of it on my blog much sooner than that.

In the meantime, here's a totally unbiased take on what I've done so far (And if you believe that, I have a lovely non-Euclidean bridge to sell you). Lady K continues to be my faithful beta reader, and I've asked her to write another update for you all. This is her response.

Greetings, readers of thrall's blog. This is Lady K, thrall's friend and fellow devotee of fine MC erotica. How did we meet, you ask? None of your damn business and I'll thank you not to be so nosy. :-)

This is another update on the progress of thrall's MC novella, "Sleepwalkers." thrall asked me to write this earlier in the week and if I'm honest, it's not been the easiest request to fulfill. That's because there's only so much I can tell you without ruining the story and that's the last thing I want to do. You see, this is seriously good stuff. I'm not just saying that because thrall's my friend, either. If it sucked, I'd tell her. It would be hard but I'd do it.

However, after some reflection I've come up with a few tidbits I feel safe letting you in on.
  1. This story is very hot. "Duh, Lady K," I hear you say. "This is thrall's MC erotica, I'd expect no less." Fair enough but you didn't let me finish. thrall has managed to do something I didn't think was possible. "Sleepwalkers" is a science fiction MC novella set in a dystopian future. thrall has managed to take the induction method used by the bad guys and keep it fresh and hot for induction after induction. This is not easy to do and it's why we authors normally change the inductions around a bit. thrall has done it and done it nicely.
  2. This is a fully-realized science fiction universe. Most writers of erotica pay a touch of lip service to the setting and get right to the inductions. thrall has thought out the setting in fine detail. I'm very proud of her.
  3. This is not a stroke piece. I know I said this before in my first update but this can't be said enough. If your looking for a quick piece to jack or jill off to, keep looking.
Well, that's it readers. Anything more would spoil the story. "Sleepwalkers" is thrall's finest work yet. I'm sure you'll agree when she unveils it.

May you find the benevolent (or not-so-benevolent) mind controller of your dreams.
Lady K

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