Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some Sorayama art you probably haven't seen before

It's been too long since I went looking for fetish art by Hajime Sorayama, and a lot of new stuff has cropped up in the meantime - not least an official Facebook page. It doesn't have much content, but seeing that it existed, and that it contained some images I hadn't seen before, started me off on a new Google Image Search. I founds tons of interesting new images on this page - but warning: if you follow the link link, you might end up spending an hour or two over there; and you'll have to weed through some bad quality images in search of the good ones. It's worth the trouble, though.

Here are a few of my new favorites from today - leaning toward the images that suggest mind control or other types of bondage. Most of these pics came from the sites linked above, but I've scavenged them from other places as well.

Sorayama also has a longstanding official website, which you can find here.

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Callidus said...

The one of the woman...entangled and being infected by the giant brain. Does a more apt personification of erotic mind control exist anywhere?

The scope of Sorayama's artistry is just without end. I am struck by his fearlessness and wish I could muster the courage to express myself as purely as he does. As many pieces of his work I've studied, discovering a new one (or rediscovering a favorite) never fails to leave me awestruck.

I am, truly, in awe of his talent and imagination.