Thursday, November 19, 2015

Your feedback, please?

May I have your input, please? Below are comps of some images I'm considering using for the "Transfixed" book cover (The book itself will be out in roughly three weeks). Please note that some of these are in iffy shape because I didn't take much time correcting them, and I'll probably add a background to whichever one I pick. These are just rough ideas of things I might use. I'd really love some feedback on what people think about the different images. Which one(s) do you love? Which one(s) do you hate? Thanks!


Traveller28 said...

Rather like 3,9 and 10 :) No hates, mind!

Anonymous said...

1, 6, or 9. Also nothing hated, but the others did not not seem right for the story, at least what I know of it.

thrall said...

Thanks, folks! I posted this poll in a couple of other places, so I've had a lot of feedback now and have chosen #13. Now I have to decide whether to keep the existing background, which is beautiful but has nothing to do with the story, or to take it out and put in a spaceship interior. I guess I'm going with the latter, but we'll see. A lot depends on what's available out there. I never get *quite* what I'm after. The best I can hope for is to get close.