Saturday, August 20, 2016

Imagine I'm here
You can imagine yourself in the other tube, as long as you don't get any weird ideas about you and me together. ;-)

Yes, my blogging has gotten very spotty lately, and it's likely to continue that way for a while. I wish I could just upload my consciousness to the internet and abandon my physical life and all its problems, but I just can't. When I find a tasty picture like the one here, or when I find anything else that's irresistible, I'm sure I'll post it; but otherwise you might not hear much from me for a while.

One other thing before I go, though: all on its own, Kindle has made Willing Subject free. They told me it's because they're matching the price on another site, but I don't know what site that is. Anyway, I suppose it's a good advertisement for my work - and it also means that you can get a free copy of WS if you don't have the book already. I consider it one of my best.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it's free on Smashwords, unless you set that price after Amazon dropped it. -Aaronhalt

thrall said...

Ohh, so that's it! I must have dropped the price by accident at some point, because I certainly didn't do it on purpose! Well, now I have to consider whether I should leave it free. It might get people to buy more of my stuff. The problem is that I can't really tell. I think it might be having a *small* effect.