Saturday, November 19, 2016

Heat and chills

This is a post that grew in the telling (ten points to anyone who gets that reference). I had originally intended to post the first video, and only the first video, two weeks ago. Then I found something better for that weekend; and then last weekend I was as nauseated and terrified as most of the world at certain election results. But let's not talk about that. Here we go with the original video, which is just a fun, hot piece of fluff; and then I'll give you something new and creepy that I just found yesterday.

First up is - warning: controversial opinion ahead - the only scene worth watching in what's supposed to be a camp classic. I tried to watch Barbarella in full. Honestly, I did. But it felt like a Saturday morning kid's TV show with overt sex thrown in, so I kept feeling weirder and more uncomfortable until I had to turn it off. But I did like this scene, where one of the villains tries to torture Barbarella to death with unexpected results. I especially love her exclamation of dismay at the end:

Now here's the creepy second video. Some of you know about a SF anthology series called Black Mirror, which until now was made in the UK (I only saw one episode and loved it, but reviewers everywhere rave about it). Now it's being made in the US and coming to Netflix, so Netflix designed this very...counter-intuitive...promotion for itself: "Hey, you! Forget the rest of the world and be Netflix's zombie slave! You'll love it!" Well, I love it, anyway. Especially that last little bit at the dinner table. Plus, the ad gives me so many, many ideas for corrupting this imaginary technology. I'm sure it will do the same for you:


K said...

I saw two episodes of Black Mirror and I just didn't like it. "Entire History of You" just was something I couldn't relate to and didn't like the protagonist enough to care about how it ended. The other episode I saw was "White Bear." I wasn't fond of that episode, but due to the nature of the episode I won't say anymore about it. If you end up enjoying the show that's good for you.

Barbarella I saw part of once in middle school and it was the excess machine bit. Years later I watched and god did I binge watch a lot of different shows and movies afterwords just to prevent it from being on the recently watched tab of my netflix.

thrall said...

I think I'd like more of Black Mirror if I saw it, but I know it's not to everyone's taste. I hope you liked the ad, anyway.

LOL about Barbarella.

Anonymous said...

Oh my bless that ad. And I thought the 'you have been hypnotized by your TV ad' (as I nicknamed it) was courting blatant. This is um. Beyond courting.

(Dunno if you know the ad - it's the 'show hole ad' (that seems to find it on google). I came up with an alternate voiceover for it and everything.)

thrall said...

No, I don't know about the "show hole ad," but anything with altered eyes sucks me in immediately! And like I said, I love the ending to this one where the wife just sits like a mannequin when her husband kisses her...and then he tunes her out too.