Monday, February 13, 2017

Feedback needed - really

I have three questions to ask you, and I need lots of answers so I can make the right decisions concerning the two e-books I'm working on now. Really, I do need answers, and I need them to be honest answers. So before I ask, remember that I've set up my blog so that you don't need a Google profile to comment, and you can reply in total anonymity. Now, here are the questions.

1. I need (for a story, not in real life) a kind of light source that's rare but not dangerous - something like an LED black light, except that I looked those up and they can damage your eyes. What I'm looking for doesn't have to change the color of the room it's in, but I don't mind if it does. If you know about light sources, what do you suggest?

2. What does it feel like to wear latex, particular a whole catsuit covering face and all? Do you get hot and sweaty? How long can you wear one before you have to take it off? Do you need to be powdered down or lubed up before you get into one?

3. Due to real-life shit storms, it might take me a very long time to write the Transfixed sequel as a Choose Your Own Adventure, which is what I originally planned and what I said I'd do in the "Afterword" section of the book; but I know the people who bought Part 1 are probably annoyed at having to wait so long for a conclusion. So tell me honestly, how would you feel as a reader of Transfixed, Part 1, if I decided to write Part 2 as an ordinary e-book instead? If you haven't read Part 1, just pretend you have and tell me how you'd feel.

Answering these questions will help me complete my next two stories more quickly, so please do answer. Too often I ask for feedback and get nothing.

Thanks, folks.


Torlek85 said...

1. I am unclear what you are after but check this out:

3. Honestly I am not a fan of your chose your own adventure stuff, because the story selection process is not really working that great in my experience. I have to fiddle with that all the time for some reason or other (kindle touch screen is not that responsive, jumps are imprecise in some formats), which kills my reading flow and enjoyment.

thrall said...

Thanks for responding, Torlek85. :-) I did check the Wikipedia page but didn't see anything that was both safe *and* rare. I might just go with the black light LED and assume very few people know anything about it. ;-)

I can't say I'm glad to hear you don't like CYOA's since that means you probably don't like What Do You Give the Alien Who Has Everything?, but I do appreciate your letting me know you'd be happier with a straight-up story-sequel to Transfixed. :-)

Muchas gracias for taking the time to give me some feedback. :-)

Anonymous said...

I can only speak to #3, I purchased part 1 for your writing, the CYOA aspects of the sequel were not really a draw though I was interested to see what you did with the story line. So an ebook sequel would be totally ok with me.


Anonymous said...

2) First reaction tbh: it felt like everything I dreamed.

Logistics: I get sweaty fairly quickly, but it's not necessarily that uncomfortable? Your temperature doesn't diverge much from the temperature you'd experience naked, it's mostly just that the normal level of sweat, that you barely notice because evaporation keeps it in check, isn't evaporating like normal. After about an hour, you start to drip from arm or leg holes, or if you're gloved or socked, you'll start to squelch. (On the other hand, one of my partners won't start sweating until an hour of sex in the catsuit? I'm not convinced they're human.)

Lube isn't strictly necessary with chlorinated latex AFAICT, but it's a good idea: if you get wrinkles on your arms or legs, that reduction in surface area gets taken out of your *mobility.* Less room for your arms to move, more stress on the armpits of the suit when you do move them. Lube means you're much better able to smooth out the latex and get the fit correct.

I haven't tried powdering, actually.

Anonymous said...

1. As you have recently stated, it might be best to go with the black light led. Excimer lampS look great but are more dangerous. The only options that are safer I can think of are UV-C lights, but that's what you find in public loos, and CIR (consumer IR) devices, far from rare.

2. Latex clothing can ad you would guess get really warm when you are active. Not so much just standing around in a cool environment. When I'm putting it on I like to be dry (using as little talc as I can). Taking it off, if I'm quite sweaty this can be a bonus. I don't tend to wear the masks as it can be a bit much. Generally with latex a good fit is really important to feeling good and keeping cool (tight, but not too much).

3. I'm a fan of the CYOA format. That has got to be some complex planning and writing though. I do think the story would benefit from this, but hay if it means we get to read it, sign me up for the direct approach

FaxPaladin said...

I have vastly insufficient experience to answer question 1 or 2. To question 3, given the technical issues I had with WDYGTAWHE, my personal preference would be a straight-up sequel rather than CYOA.

Anonymous said...

1. Light Source
Ultraviolet. the layer that usually blocks this can be removed in humans, it's done all the time for cataracts.

2. Latex
You want to be as dry as possible before getting in. You can wear a zentai 'underneath', and it helps for a bit longer wear, but it becomes soaking wet eventually. Lube or 'very dry' (zentai) makes it a lot easier to get into. If you're... 'busty'... and go with lube, and the latex is very tight/form fitting, a pump can be used to siphon out the air that's trapped. I wouldn't say it's 'hot' until you've sweat enough to make everything 'slick' inside and that starts trapping the heat.

3. Time on book.
I was waiting to purchase till both parts were out. On purpose. Personally, I feel you can take your time, do it right, and I'll read it when it's done :)

thrall said...

Thank you all - this is excellent advice from everyone! Together you've given me everything I need to know, to move forward. :-) And here's what I've decided based on your feedback:

1. I'll use black light LED because I need something very rare, not something that one of the slaves might stumble into by accident. I'll hand-wave a filter that makes black light LED's safe for human eyes.

2. For the latex, I'll go with powder on the inside and lube on the outside (if I'm right in thinking that lube on the *outside* will increase mobility - person who talked about mobility, would you please respond again?). It's great to know that latex doesn't make you sweat very much. That amazes me, actually. I just assumed you'd end up swimming in your own sweat.

3. The CYOA is out the door, and the sequel to Transfixed will be a straight-up novella. Whew! I can't tell you how relieved I am, knowing I won't have to do all those separate threads again. The Word version of What Do You Give the Alien Who Has Everything was a little over 1000 pages! I'd much rather write a 100-page story. Also, I really do feel bad for making readers who bought Part 1 wait so long for Part 2. In my imagination, they're grumbling about my sequel the way George R. R. Martin's fans grumble about his snail's-pace writing. ;-) I don't want to be a snail. I want to make you all happy.

Anonymous said...

It's me again.

Lube on the outside doesn't seem to do much besides just make it shine, AFAICT? It's really just the quality of the *fit* on the inside that seems to make the difference. Lube on the outside just makes it smoother to the touch and shinier to the eye.

My aforementioned superhumanly-sweatless partner reports being outright cold after an hour of sex in a catsuit, while I'm naked and sweating. And when we take it off, there's no more wet than there was from the lube. ...I have no fucking idea how they do it, I wish I did.

thrall said...

LOL, thank you, "me again." ;-) I guess I'll put lube on the inside after all.

It's great to be able to turn to a community of people with latex fetishes, etc., when I need help in making a scene realistic. You'd be shocked at how vanilla I am in real life. I know nothing about this stuff except what I've found online. So I really do appreciate your help. :-)

Jock said...

Hello again Thrall!

Glad to hear you're writing about total latex enclosure again, Queen Bee is a personal favourite quickie and I'm saving kinked for a rainy day. My one mc story wish is for one of the greats to marry latex and squick, with, say, an Aislinne like monster.

And I have something to share, Adam Savage got to have a close up look at the robo geisha dolls from the upcoming GiTS film and as well as being nerd mana, the masks(!!!) themselves as well as some of the abilities of the dolls are right up our shared kink alley. I hope you enjoy and are hopefully as ibspired as I am.

P.S. Hows the story title hunt going?

thrall said...

Thanks, Jock - and for more than you know! I'll answer your last question first. I've decided on the title "The Power of Positive Slavery," which I came up with based on your suggestions, so I'll be giving you that free copy. :-) I'd actually forgotten who suggested it to me, and I'd been meaning to go back and find out who it was. You just prompted me to do that...and now I know why! You can go ahead and send me your email address now, if you like, and I'll save it so that I have it handy when the story comes out. Tell me whether you want .mobi or .epub.

I'd never heard about Aislinne, but that certainly is a lovely picture!

I also didn't know about the Ghost in the Shell featurette, or that Weta was involved (I've loved Weta since they were involved with LotR). Very interesting stuff! The anime snobs on io9, the only site I've used to learn about Ghost in the Shell, are all up in arms about the changes being made to the original story and the casting on a non-Asian lead. But I haven't seen any of the original series, so I'm just looking at it as a cool cyberpunk movie; and from that angle it looks fantastic. I'd love to be a real woman, brainwashed and locked inside one of those geisha shells! In fact, typing that sentence reminds me of a scene very slightly reminiscent of that idea in a steampunk story called The Difference Engine. Too bad I don't have the book anymore, or I'd be tempted to find that passage and copy it for a post. But I do need to update everyone on *this* post, so I'll do it now while I'm logged into Google as thrall.

Thanks again!