Monday, March 27, 2017

A sneak peek on my next story

Right now I'm at roughly the halfway point of "The Power of Positive Slavery." It's going to be a long story, which will be great for you when it finally comes out! The problem is getting it out. I feel like I'm giving birth. :-/ Anyway, I thought I'd gift you with the first couple of sections tonight, just so you have something to play with. This should give you a good idea of where the story will be heading, and you can fantasize about all the nice and nasty little touches I'll throw in along the way.

The wording isn't pinned down yet, but this is how the story begins.

“Not even komodo dragons?”
Ainsley groaned. “Komodo dragons live in Indonesia, not Polynesia, and don’t act like you didn’t know that already.”
Gemma had already drunk more wine than was good for her. Sober, she was a brilliant lawyer. Drunk, she was a very deliberate airhead. She held her fingers a couple of inches apart and giggled. “Not even little itty bitty dragons?”
Ainsley was drunk enough, herself, to brush that off. “Oh, sure,” she said, “we’ve got tons of those. But since they don’t have wings, we had to come up with a special name for them. We call them lizards.”
Gemma pretended to pout. “Well, I don’t see how you can name an island Île des Dragons if you don’t have any real dragons. Maybe I shouldn’t go after all.
“I bet you’d go if you knew Chance Finney would be there.”
Gemma’s eyes widened. “He won’t!”
“He will. He signed up just last week.”
“So if I go, I get to fuck him?”
“Like I told you, it’s all about the free love, baby.” Ainsley had never met a genuine hippie in her life and quickly abandoned the accent. “After a full battery of tests, of course. We take care of your health and your pleasure. By the time you leave the island, you’ll be tanned and fit and more mentally stable than you’ve in your life.”
“You know, that last bit really does kind of make it sound like a cult.”
Ainsley snorted. “How long have we known each other? Trust me, Gemma, if I got brainwashed into a cult, you’d be the very first person to notice. Do I look like a cultist?”
She really didn’t, though Gemma. She looked fit and happy – too happy, but that was just the wine. The only real change Gemma had noticed in Ainsley’s personality was the loss of her sense of entitlement. They’d been shopping earlier in the day, and Ainsley had actually chatted with some of the sales clerks. Normally she’d have treated them like servants.
Gemma bent close and peered into Ainsley’s eyes. “Okay, your pupils aren’t spinning, and you haven’t shaved your head or started wearing funny robes. I guess you’re all right.”
“Damn straight I am! So, are you in? I promise it’ll be the best vacation you ever had.”
“I thought it was a retreat, not a vacation.”
“It’s both! That’s the beauty of it. And since I’d be your host, it would be like we were taking a vacation together, with beautiful scenery, great activities, and some of the hottest guys on the planet.”
“Don’t forget the mystery dragons that may or may not exist.”
“Oh, I can’t forget the dragons,” she said, and grinned. “Now, do you want a chance to fuck Chance, or not?”
“Eww, bad joke, Ainsley. Very bad.”
“Give me a drink. No, sorry, I mean give me a break. It’s the drinks making me tell bad jokes. But come on, Gemma, please tell me you’ll come!”
Gemma sighed. “Okay, I suppose I can take the time off work.”
“That’s my girl!” Ainsley raised her glass. “To Île des Dragons!”
“Or Île des Lizards!”
They clinked glasses and poured themselves another round.


It was almost morning before they said goodnight. Gemma stumbled off to her bedroom singing Chance Finney’s biggest hit. All she knew was the chorus.
Ainsley slipped into the guest bedroom and locked the door behind her. Then she stood listening for several minutes, making sure Gemma wouldn’t come out again. Once she was satisfied, she dropped her mask and pulled out her cell phone. The wine made it difficult to dial, and she had a lot of digits to get through; but she couldn’t put this number in her directory. After three tries, she got through.
The call was picked up on the first ring. “Result?” said a calm male voice.
“Positive,” she answered flatly. Then she ended the call and went to bed.


K said...

Looks nice. Hmm, named for having dragons...mayhaps it used to have a lot of seahorses.:p

Jock Pseudonym said...

"Okay, your pupils aren’t spinning, and you haven’t shaved your head or started wearing funny robes. I guess you’re all right."

If Gemma isn't dressed in latex "robes" with a shaved head and swirling pupils by the end of this I'll be protesting. Not enough headshaving in the MC/BDSM community.

Though I'm sure whatever you do instead will have me far too distracted to complain, you always come up with such great changes in appearance.

What do you think of the much awaited CORE?

thrall said...

I can just about guarantee that you'll be satisfied with Gemma's look and actions in the finale - latex and shaved head or no. ;-)

As for CORE, unfortunately I don't have as much time as I used to, to delve into other people's stuff. I'm having a hard enough time working on my own!