Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Janelle and Tessa love each other - and vaginas in general

 Every new video by Janelle Monae makes me love her more than the last one. This video, "Pynk," comes from her just-released album Dirty Computer. The snippet up above is just a taste of what you'll see if you watch the whole video.

Oh, and if you're wondering where you've seen the lovely, long-haired lass between her legs, that's actress Tessa Thompson, most recently seen in Annihilation and Thor: Ragnarok. There's a lot of online debate about whether they're a couple in real life or just close friends, but they keep tap-dancing around the issue in interviews. I think they get a kick out of teasing us. I don't know the truth any more than you do, but I hope one day we'll see them come out to an event as a couple, dressed to the nines and both looking fabulous.

Until then, at least we have this video - and whole string of other videos costarring Tessa, all from Janelle's new album. You can watch them individually on YouTube ("Django Jane" is my personal favorite, second only this one), or you can watch them all tied together in an "Emotion Picture" with an accompanying storyline about a dystopia where people who don't conform are mind-wiped into placid drones. Janelle plays a woman fighting to resist the brainwashing process; and Tessa plays her already-mind-wiped lover who's now trying to soothe her into allowing it to happen - even as Janelle tries to restore her lover's memories. And if that isn't the perfect setup for an EMC film, then I don't know what is.

I'll link you to the individual video "Pynk" just below this paragraph; and then below "Pynk" I'll embed the entire Emotion Picture (called "Dirty Computer," just like the album). If you do watch the "Dirty Computer" video - and you probably will, whether you meant to or not - be sure to stick around through the credits.

One last thing. I'd warn you that neither of these videos is safe for work, but if you're reading this blog on the job, then you obviously don't care about NSFW tags. ;-)

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Madam Kistulot said...

Getting a job where your blog isn't unsafe to be looking at while working? Should basically be everyone's life goal.

I'd heard about this performer lately from a commission, but I had no idea the extent of things. Thanks for the heads up, I'll need to take a closer look into things.

Hope the writing and other life things have been well, all of my cheering and support! :)