Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Super-secret BOGO sale just for my blog readers

I have a gift for you. From now through the end of May, you can buy any one of my books through either Amazon or Smashwords and get a second book free - and you can keep on doing it until you have my whole catalog.

Here's how it works. Buy any book you like and then email me. Tell me which book you bought and what day you bought it; then tell me which book you'd like for free and what format you'd like it in (.epub or .mobi). I'll email it back to you as soon as I've verified the sale.

NOTE:  I can check my sales on Amazon or Smashwords any time I like, but the sites do not give me any information about my buyers. All they tell me is that someone bought a copy of, for instance, "Union, Reunion" on May 20. So please don't worry about me finding out any personal information about you. I couldn't do that even if I wanted to, and I don't want to. I am a huge supporter of online freedom and privacy. When you tell me what you bought and when you bought it, I'm only going to make sure a copy of that book really was sold on that day. It's all I can do, and all I want to do.

There's no limit to how many times you can BOGO ("buy one get one free") through May 31.

I'm not putting any requirements attached to these sales, but I will ask you nicely to leave a review beneath the books you read - and you can also recommend my work to a friend by passing along one of the books you bought.



K said...

Oh nice. This would be so much more useful if I didn't already own all of it.

Anonymous said...

so... not sure if you've played it yet, but Detroit: Become Human is out... there are sentient androids... programmed to just sit in the store windows, posing forever.