Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just the pictures I was looking for

...even if I didn't know it yet.

The shot at left is one I just found on Ivory Flame's blog - photo by Sean Elliott, corset by Sparklewren (I always try to give credit where credit is due, and of course some of you will want to follow the links and see more). The moment I saw this picture, I thought about all the fantasies I've ever had of standing mentally - and sometimes physically - bound, in front of a mirror, gazing blankly at my blank face and letting it draw me even deeper into trance. Just like "m" in Willing Subject. Ivory Flame might be horrified to know that's what she made me think about, or maybe she wouldn't. She has to be at least a little kinky, to get into shots like this. ;-)

Now here's the other "just what I was looking for" pic - the perfect shot of Io decked out in all her slick, black va-va-va-voomish finery. Not too long ago I shared some of the pics from her New Year's Eve party, linking you to her blog post about it - a post which promptly disappeared. It's back now, though, as is this new post about gay-and-not-so-gay buddies and adventures in kinky nightspots. Io is a great storyteller, so you'll enjoy reading the entry as much as looking at it. I especially loved the bit about the guy huffing Aqua Net. Ugh! I can't even stand the smell of that cheap-ass shit. If I want to get high on something, I'll just run a little Virtual Hypnotist. ;-P Anyway, have a look at Io's blog. She seems like a fun gal to hang out with.

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