Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sweet robot lovin'

I was going to write about my superheroine-gets-MC'ed dream from last night, but then I ran across this entry on io9. It's even better. Cyriaque Lamar has taken the time to catalog 15 robot-love videos of varying awesomeness, and the commenters below the post have added several more.

Right at the top of the page is that gorgeous Bjork video I blogged about once before, so I won't repost it here. There's also a video of Dana Scully (a.k.a. Gillian Anderson, and don't bother telling me it's really the other way around ;-P) chanting about dirty deeds with an automaton. But this is the one I liked the best, aside from Bjork's. It would not surprise me a bit to find out Janelle MonĂ¡e has read A Tenpack of Trixies.