Friday, April 22, 2011

How to turn yourself into a creepy-ass fortune-telling doll

I found this image in a Bizarre magazine article Neil Gaiman had linked to from his blog. I'm pretty sure that's a real person under there because all the other pictures are of costumed human beings. But look at her(?) hand. Isn't it  amazingly plaster-like? She could be wearing some sort of glove, but I know that if I were her, I wouldn't want to have an immobile hand for very long. So I thought to myself, "How else could you achieve that look and still be able to move?" The answer came to me quickly enough: get the right shade of latex gloves and mess them up just a tad. Then you could get a pair of latex stockings in the same color and top them with some old, scuffed ballet slippers; and after that, perhaps some discreet arm and leg braces to wear under your dress, just to make your movements a little creakier. The mask, of course, would be the easy part.

I wish I had an opportunity to try this out myself.

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