Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scar13 color-coordinates with a friend

For most of my readers, the lady at right needs no introduction, but here's a helpful tip for the rest of you: she's Scar13, and she's just as gorgeous with clothes as without. But fortunately for all of you today, this particular photo-set is nude only. ;-)

The photographer for the set is Michael Helms, a man who never gets tired of telling the world how much he loves Scar. He photographs a lot of other beautiful women, too - and never fails to make them even more beautiful. You can visit his gallery on Deviant Art to see more - lots more.

Scar doesn't have a Deviant Art gallery gallery of her own, but you can find a multitude of her pictures in other Deviant Artists' galleries just by doing a DA search on her name.

As for her lovely color-coordinating friend, she goes by the name of Velocity, and she has a gallery on Model Mayhem. You might laugh to hear me say this, but I really love her face. ;-)

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