Monday, July 4, 2011

Thanks to the silent ones

Cyan stories don't get much recognition from the EMCSA crowd, but I know people read them even if they don't comment on them. For instance, I haven't received much feedback on "How Did It Come To This?"; but Stat Counter shows me how many readers are clicking through to my blog from the story.

I don't have any personal information about my visitors, but the statistics are nice in their own way. They let me know people are out there, all around the world, enjoying what I have to say. That's a great feeling.

So let me return the favor. I don't post on every forum I visit, or e-mail every writer who floats my boat. I appreciate the privacy of lurking, and I appreciate the fact that you stopped by even if you didn't say anything. You might not have known it, but you made me smile.


Anonymous said...

With pleasure I post a note for you :) Having read many of your stories I can say unabashedly: I LOVE THEM! Thank you for taking the time in writing, inspiring, and exposing your passion for this niche genre for all of us to experience with you. If not for reading your stories I would have never started reading mind control stories as earnestly as I do now. With your weaving in so many references to a science fiction stories here and there.. I NEVER would have read ANY science fiction! I doubt I would have read a story about two men together either if not for your dubious influence ;) ...But I have now :)

Thank you again!

You are marvelous!

With love,


thrall said...

Awww, thanks so much for that! I'm blushing! ;-)

Elizabeth said...

What are your plans for writing going forward (if I might be so bold to ask)?

Maybe I should be better at reading your blog because clearly with what you had been saying regarding Jonny Weir - a story in your head about ready to pop a few months ago :)


thrall said...

I don't have any new story ideas at the moment, but you never know when my muse (or Muse!) will strike. I'll be sure to blog about it when it happens.

Also, the first seed of my Johnny Weir story was planted over a year ago. Sometimes it takes a long time for an idea to turn into a story - but sometimes not. "Solitaire" took me just one day, from start to finish.