Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coming soon to an EMCSA near you

You might remember me mentioning a very old private MC fantasy involving a dragon. I wanted to turn it into an EMC story, but last I wrote, I hadn't figured out how to build a plot around it.

Well, I finally cracked the code. This is the story I've been hinting about for the last few months, the one I said was writing itself. That's always a good sign for me. It makes for pleasurable writing and, I hope, pleasurable reading.

Anyway, Wednesday afternoon I completed the rough draft of what will be called "Hoarder." Based on the polishing process for my other stories, this means it will be about three weeks before I'm ready to post the story on the EMCSA. I hope you all will enjoy it.

(painting of Smaug by by John Howe)


Nalak said...

Oh goody been hoping that this story idea would show up one day can't wait to see how it plays out.

Uzobono said...

OO can't wait to read it Thrall!

As a side-note, I'm sending out brainwaves to find a mindflayer type mc in a future story :D.