Friday, September 7, 2012

Maryland politician is not, I repeat not, becoming a lustful cockmonster

In my continuing quest to provide you with grade-A ammo against (maybe) self-hating closet cases in high office, I bring you the delightfully blistering takedown of Maryland delegate Emmet C. Burns Jr. by Baltimore Ravens punter Chris Kluwe. Please give Kluwe (and teammate Brendon Ayanbadejo) a great big standing ovation...then share this link with as many people as you can.


Osty said...

I am a straight married man from Washington State where we are voting in November to protect our gay marriage law. One spring about 35 years ago I was walking on an urban trail. Coming towards me was a couple obviously newly in love. What a beautiful day to be in love! As we got closer the women noticed me looking and snatched their hands apart. One moved protectively between me and her love.
To this day I have the same 2 regrets. 1; I am not articulate enough to have fixed their broken moment. 2; That we live in a world where their glowing love was dangerous to show in public.
Hopefully they are still together & in November their marriage will be legally recognized.

thrall said...

Thanks for sharing that. It still means a lot to me every time I hear/read a straight person supportive of GLBT rights.