Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sushi girls (and boys)

Remember you are a tray. You must not move. You must not make eye contact. You must not react. No matter what you see... or hear. 

That's the most intriguing quote from Sushi Girl, a movie I finally got around to watching last week. I don't particularly recommend it unless you're into torture porn and predictable plot twists...or if you want to see how that kid who played Atreyu in The Neverending Story turned out (short answer: not well). On the other hand, sushi girls - and occasionally boys - are entirely real. They're attractive people trained to lie motionless while other people eat sushi off their nude bodies. I don't actually need to explain why this turns me on, do I?

I've known about this practice for years, so I'm pretty sure I had it in mind when I wrote the dinner scene in Love in a Silver Socket. If not, I certainly should have. If you don't know about body sushi yet, or if reading this post just makes you want to see more, here's a well-done clip I found on YouTube. It features models (if that's what you call them) of both sexes, and the woman looks nicely doll-like. The man spoils the effect by interacting with the interviewer, but he's still nice to look at, and there's a hilarious chopsticks fail at 1:57.

Finally, if you're still curious about the Sushi Girl movie, here's a trailer that makes it look look far more entertaining than it really is.

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