Saturday, March 2, 2013

You're welcome

Last year I discovered that I'd accidentally gotten rid of all my old Susan Wayland pictures (and Bianca Beauchamp's too), but since I'd learned by then how many latex models had more natural-looking bodies, I decided to let it go. Then last week I changed my mind and went on a Google binge. I found a forum full of old images here, so I've decided to blog about two of favorite sets and give you a whiff of storyline to go with them.

As you can see, the first set is clearly older than the second. Sway looks rough and punkish here, and strangely innocent despite the poses and the bared breast. The physical location is frankly disgusting, but she's fully in control, like some kind of postapocalyptic queen. She's turned that raggedy old chair into a throne and made the photographer approach her on bended knees.

Now look at the second set and notice how the queen has become a pawn. It seems her postapocalytic world has a secret high-tech society, and they've captured her and brainwashed her. The first time I had these pictures, I was annoyed by the way her hood cut so awkwardly across her eye line and crushed her hair. Now I see that as part of the attraction. The queen isn't dressing to please herself anymore. She may not even be dressing herself. Whoever's controlling her, they don't care how pretty she is or how well she can see through the hood; all they want is for her to look submissive. So she does. She's even drooling in one shot.


alphaxanon said...

Her skin has taken on a grayish tone in the second set too.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting, I could look at her all day long.