Saturday, November 16, 2013

Have you found Entrancement UK and Hypnodolls yet?

(link goes to uncropped, NSFW version)
Lex is a professional hypnotist based in the UK. He runs Entrancement UK, where he posts videos of his entranced subjects doing various very enticing things in different stages of undress; and he has a Tumblr called HypnoDolls where he posts photographs from the same sessions and others. A few of the shots are staged, but in most cases, the subjects really are very deeply entranced, and you can see it in every line of their faces.

I found Entrancement UK once a few years ago and posted a video which I'm embedding again below. It's still one of the hottest real-life hypnosis clips I've ever seen, even though Nikki is fully clothed. Then I rediscovered Lex on the MC Forum when he offered to let e-book authors use his photography in return for proper credit. I plan to combine elements of three different pictures for my own next e-book cover, and I'm happy to give Lex even more credit than he asked for, because his stuff is just that hot. I know you'll all enjoy it.

The first clip below, "Nikki Frozen and Kneeling," is the one I found before and still love. You'll see why immediately. The second video is a preview of a full 2+ hour set Lex did for Entrancement UK. It's got something for everyone: nudity, doll/puppet action, sexy lesbians, blank-eyed mindlessness, bimbos (not my thing, but I know some of you enjoy it) and even a moment of genuine drooling (which is my thing, because of the depth of control it represents). And if you look closely, you'll see that Porsha is so deeply entranced that her pupils are huge. That's not a special effect. It's real, and it's hot as hell.


Tabico said...

This is not apropos of this post, but had you seen this image?

Mmm, snakey.

thrall said...

No, I hadn't seen that. And *wwwwwoooowwww*