Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Tenpack of Trixies is now live on Smashwords

Well, that was easy. This morning I showed you some work in progress on the cover (and I added a semi-secret message at the end - be sure to read it, because I'm not repeating it!). I wasn't sure whether I could get the whole e-book finished this weekend, but I did it with more than a day to spare [Edit from a later date: and now I've redone it. It was too easy].

The hardest part about this e-book was the polishing because I made huge revisions to the whole center section of the story. In fact, Chapter 2 is almost an entire rewrite. But all throughout, I've switched characters and situations, reordered scenes, reduced exposition, amped dramatic tension, and...well, let's just say I've done something very special to the social worker. You'll like her. A lot. She'll make some of you dream of cherry pie and cherry stems.

If you'd like to purchase the e-book at Smashwords, the link is here, and you can get 25% with the coupon code JX64Q.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic! This was probably the one of your most intricately written stories before Sleepwalkers!

thrall said...

Yeah, I guess it really is the second most intricate thing I've written...although "My Very Own Serial Number" is also right up there.

I still haven't decided which e-book to work on next (after the deluxe Sleepwalkers), but it might well be MVOSN.

Anonymous said...

I think this cover is your best of the 'sexy' ones so far. The composition is great, and I like how it has detail for people to look at.

thrall said...

Thanks! I'm glad you think so, and I'm doubly glad that you took the time to notice the detail. :-)