Saturday, March 15, 2014

Work in progress

I'm spending the weekend trying to finish the cover of my next e-book, "A Tenpack of Trixies." I have the Trixie herself (or, rather, themselves - the good thing about the Trixie story is that I can just clone this one image nine times) done aside from her legs, so now it's time to create her doll box. But I thought you might like to see her now in all her naked glory, since I'll have to cover her naughty bits for the e-book cover.

As usual, I created this image by compositing several photos from Lex's site HypnoDolls. The body is mostly Rachelle Summers', although I had to Frankenstein it together from various shots. That explains why her legs are wonky. I might or might not have to fix them, depending on how I design the box. Trixie's head is Portia Victoria's, and once again, it's a composite of different shots with some manipulation to make her look more doll-like.

I might or might not get the e-book online this weekend, but it will be out soon, and I will be offering the usual 25% discount for the first month.

Now here's a little secret for those of you who bothered to read all the way down the post. Sometime in the (probably near) future, I'll be putting out a deluxe edition of Sleepwalkers with added content, a fantastic new cover I've commissioned from a fellow EMC writer, and - this is the secret part - you'll be able to get this edition absolutely free. I'm going to be sneaky about it, because I don't want every random EMC fan on the planet to know what I'm doing, but my regular blog readers will know. When the time is right, I'll make a post titled "This Post Will Self-Destruct in Three Days." Read that, follow the directions, and you'll have your free deluxe Sleepwalkers. But shh, don't tell anybody. Let's keep this to ourselves!

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