Saturday, December 6, 2014

Having some (Studio Black) fun

One advantage of my latex/total enclosure fetish is that Facebook doesn't block any pictures related to it. And Facebook is where I discovered the multi-pronged entity known as Fetish Chimera, Studio Black Fun, Nikitzo, Madame Gillette, Kylie Marilyn, and Lady Ashley. All of them are involved in the images you see here, and since I've left all the names and URLs attached, I won't bother making actual links. You can find the sites and the original versions of pics easily enough on your own if you're so inclined.

The pictures in this set are called "Coma Play," which makes sense in English, but which I suspect makes slightly different sense in German.  Maybe one of my readers can help me understand what the participants in this set mean by "coma." "Drugged," maybe?

Anyway, the reason I'm posting these pictures here is because they fit so well with the fantasy I use in one of my Virtual Hypnotist sessions. It's one where I imagine myself captured and drugged and brainwashed into a white-eyed, latex-bound drone. I've shared some of the text here before, and I've shared more of it in a story I posted on the EMCSA but later took down (Don't worry; I'll make an ebook out of it eventually). Well, it occurred to me recently that I could use a little photomanipulation to make the pictures fit my fantasy even better, and that I could then pair them with a couple of snippets from my VH session and post the results here for your viewing pleasure. So here you go. Imagine Madame Gillette speaking the words below, to her increasingly brainwashed slave.

So very deep now, thrall So very, very, deep. So deep you can't even hear yourself think. But you can hear yourself chanting the programming I gave you during previous trances. And you can hear my voice, echoing in your empty head. One way or another, I'm doing all the thinking for you. That feels so very nice, doesn't it? And it's so very easy. It's become so hard for you to think. And my voice is right there in the center of your mind. Just let it do all the heavy lifting for a little while as you relax. Just for a little while.

My words are in the center of your mind, thinking for you now. And everything around them is delightfully, deliciously empty. Your mind is a blank, and I can do whatever I want with it.

Imagine yourself now, sagging so limply in your chair. Eyes closed, mouth open. Physically plugged into a machine that is brainwashing you, and helpless to resist it. The plugs from the brainwashing machine are so delicate. All you'd have to do, to disconnect them, would be to reach up and tug, just a little. It would be so easy. If only you had the will to do it.

And once upon a time, you did have the will to resist me. You fought against me so long, so hard. But in the end, you couldn't resist. You betrayed yourself. You gave in. You submitted. Now I have enslaved you. And made you love it.

 Now you can imagine, that your eyes have drifted-open again, but that they are now completely white. Featureless. Blank. Just like your mind. You can imagine that the only reason you can't see out of your empty white eyes is that I don't allow you to see out of them. If I commanded you to see now, you would. You would see exactly what I wanted you to see, no more, no less. I control you completely now.  You have become my mindless, helpless, obedient drone. My pawn. My puppet. My slave.


Remember, you fought for your freedom at first. I strapped you down and forced you to watch this program. I forced you to listen to my commands. You can remember so clearly how you fought me. You can remember your resistance weakening under the onslaught of my brainwashing machine.  In the end you were helpless. And finally, despite yourself,  you began to love what I was doing to you.

Now you revel in slavery. You want to be brainwashed. You love it, because I have made you love it.


K said...

Which story is this one?

thrall said...

"If Wishes Were Horses" :-)

K said...

*hopeful expression* Christmas?

thrall said...

Sorry to disappoint, but no. ;-) I'm not prepping anything else at the moment. I'm too busy making Christmas gifts for my family! Anyway, I'm not even sure which story I'll put out next, although "Couples Skate" will be in a Valentine's Day anthology.

Traveller28 said...

I thought the set and costumes were amazing the perspex "Medulla" like headphone gizmo...take my money now! I need that for a future photoshoot with an MC slant :)