Saturday, December 27, 2014

Just a little giggle

I'm not sure if anyone is even home surfing the net this weekend, so I wasn't even going to post anything until I found this. Enjoy.


Sian Pearl said...

I saw that video some time ago. it makes me smile. In another life I used to write games about vampires and this sort of nonsense was all over them.

But. Thrall! Thrall! There doesn't seem to be a better place to post this in response. You might like this.

thrall said...

Wow, that is...I'm not sure what I just saw, but it was pretty. ;-) I just don't have any have no idea how the title fits with the content.

Sian Pearl said...

It's a teaser for an electronic album (the loop is from the record).

Don't you love the bit in the middle where there's a close up of one and her eyes have rolled back into her head?