Sunday, January 4, 2015

This is a tease. This is only a tease. In the event of an actual post...

I'm almost exactly in the middle of a very long, very intense horror novel with pseudo-vampires who feed off the violence they cause by mind controlling other people. Until a few chapters ago, it seemed that there was nothing supernatural about the villains' powers; they were just humans with mutated, super-strength "dominance" genes. But now it looks like there's probably more at work - maybe ghosts, maybe zombies or revenants or liches, maybe something else. Time will tell.

Once I finish the book I'll post some of the more fetish-friendly scenes here. In fact, I might not even wait to finish it because I really doubt I can get through 400 more pages before next Sunday. I don't have anything else in mind yet to post next weekend; so if nothing occurs to me, I'll give you at least one passage I've already bookmarked as blog-worthy.

But what can I tell you in the meantime? Well, the book is called Carrion Comfort, it's by Dan Simmons, and I found it on a Goodreads list of the best mainstream books centered on mind control. But I have to warn you: this book is mainstream horror. In fact, Stephen King called it one of the three best horror novels of the twentieth century (I haven't yet found out what his other two are. I should Google it.). And Carrion Comfort really does read like a Stephen King novel, right down to the trademark Unlikely Band of Heroes who join forces to stop the monsters. There's also a King-like amount of gore and a very high body count - including one body I expected to keep breathing until the big showdown, at least. But if there really is a supernatural element to the story, then maybe the character I'm talking about will be back. If that happens, the circumstances under which s/he comes back and what s/he is like afterwards will be very interesting. But I'm just speculating here. I have no idea whether or not X will return.

I'm sure at least some of you out there have already read Carrion Comfort, so you know who I'm talking about. Well, as always, I welcome your comments - but please, no spoilers.

And as for the rest of you, you have some juicy mainstream MC scenes to look forward to soon.

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