Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tattling on Callidus

Are you aware that Callidus has begun production on an actual EMC short film? This isn't just a flash presentation; he's getting ready to direct a live-action short with two actresses who sound just right for the parts he's scripted.

Yes, Callidus did write the script - and if you follow his blog, you already know the kind of stuff he's capable of. But until now he's been limited in the execution of his ideas because he was working from other people's photos and videos. This time around, he'll have full control of all his material from start to finish.

Now, I have to make a confession. I have a bit of insider information on this project....Okay, well, I have more than just a bit of information; I've read the script. But despite the title of this post, I wouldn't dare spoil any of Callidus' secrets. I'll just invite you to imagine what a guy of his talents could do with a live-action film, and then I'll tell you that's exactly what he is doing. You will not be disappointed in the finished product.

Keep an eye on his blog. He's just posted a new entry on the production (the third so far), and in it he introduces you to his cast and drops more hints about the plot than I've done here. He's also happy to answer questions, so ask whatever you like, and maybe you'll get more secrets out of him!

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