Saturday, July 11, 2015

Best brainwashing helmet ever

I fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube last night, rummaging through clips of characters on TV shows and in movies being brainwashed. Most of it didn't satisfy my picky tastes, but the one I'm sharing here rocked my socks off.

The first link at the bottom of this post goes to a HD video of the whole movie. This video was only recently uploaded, and I don't expect it to stay put long; so if you like what you see, you'd better download it as quickly as you can. But just in case the full movie disappears, I'll give you a second link to a low-quality clip of the brainwashing scene by itself.

Here's the setup. The main character here is a corporate spy who goes to conventions and secretly records presentations. But during this particular presentation, he realizes the people around him are falling into trance. He's wide awake, but he has to pretend that he's hypnotized too in order to avoid detection. The problem is that once the bad guys activate the helmet, it might not matter that he was awake. That thing is a really powerful, scary brainwashing device.

I deliberately chose a screen grab that doesn't show the whole device in action, or the whole room of zombified convention-goers. To see that, you'll have to follow one of the links below. Trust me, it's worth it:

Link to the whole movie in HD, beginning at the start of the brainwashing scene

Link to the brainwashing scene by itself, in low quality

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