Saturday, September 5, 2015

Honey wine

I hear there's a perfect wine for every entree. It might be true, although I can think of several dishes that could only be served with wine from a box. Thankfully, tonight's vintage is so fine that I had to match entrees to it rather than vice-versa. I think you'll like my choices.

 Last week I posted about Carmilla, the mother of all lesbian vampire stories. One of the commenters who replied to my post, Fax Paladin, mentioned the transformation scene in Invasion of the Bee Girls as being a touchstone of his fetish. I'd heard of the movie before but had never seen it, and I had no idea whether it would do anything for me; but after reading Fax Paladin's comment I had to look it up on YouTube. You can find the whole movie there, but I don't recommend trying to watch it all the way through. It's not worth much overall except when Anitra Ford is onscreen. I'd submit to any transformation she demanded, just for a single kiss. But the scene that cemented Fax Paladin's fetish would have cemented mine as well, if I'd only had the chance to see it before other sources made me a permanent EMC slave girl.

Really, though, how could I have lived this long without having seen the Bee Girls transformation clip? Most movies featuring MC and/or transformation scenes stint on what we fetishists consider the good stuff, but not the team behind Invasion of the Bee Girls. They milked this scene for every drop of fetish it was worth. Have a look, and once you've pulled yourself together again afterwards, scroll down a little further to see my recommendations for entrees to accompany this fine honeyed wine.

The first story I was reminded of, after viewing this scene, was Tabico's A Scent of Malt and Flesh. Here, women on a camping trip are transformed into meta-humans in a burgeoning hive, with the strongest two eventually engaging a telepathic showdown for the title of Queen Bee. Meanwhile the male characters are reduced to drones who are simultaneously luckier and unluckier than the men in Anitra Ford's movie (Don't pretend it isn't her movie). These guys aren't fucked to death, but they're not fucked, period. The bee-women just don't have much use for them anymore.

Actually, I don't know if it's fair to use that term for the women in Tabico's story. She does love women with bee eyes, and I have no doubt she's already seen Invasion of the Bee Women, but the parallels aren't as clear in her story as they are in Honey Chile by Libertine. In this one, the protagonist is quite literally turned into a black-eyed bee-woman, and part of the process involves being slathered head-to-toe in honey. It's ridiculously easy to imagine Anitra Ford playing the Queen Bee in this story.

Anitra Ford. Anitra Ford. Anitra Ford. Go on: you know you want to chant it too.

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Fax Paladin said...

Yeah, I had kind of actually assumed that everyone into these things had already seen "Invasion of the Bee Girls." :-) Glad I could point you there.