Sunday, September 20, 2015

What's up next

My posting schedule might be a little irregular for a while, but don't worry; I haven't forgotten you. Life is complicated right now, but one part of it involves a brand new story that I'm just about ready to start writing. It took me quite a while to work out the details of this one because of its origin.

Some of my long-time blog readers will remember that a few years ago, I was planning a second collaboration (after publishing the Quick and Dirty Anthology) with trilby else, Tabico, Iago, and some others; but our lineup was constantly in flux, and ultimately we had to drop the project. But I can tell you more about it now, because I've gotten permission to write up my part of the story, with some changes, as an independent piece.

In the epic we originally envisioned, a human spaceship had been invaded by insectile aliens that attached to and enslaved its crew, and they'd forced this ship to ram into another one for the purpose of taking it over. Each of us was going to follow a few characters aboard the second ship as they scrambled to hide and/or escape into space. We were going to call the story "Transfixed" because it made a nice triple entendre (The two ships are literally transfixed, the victims are transfixed by MC, and "transfixed" is a play on "trance-fixed." Don't say I never gave you anything).

My part of the story had the captain of the second ship being captured and tempted by the captain of the first ship, a woman who had once been her lover and was now the aliens' eager puppet. Then I had a third character, an innocent peon with a crush on my heroine, whom she was trying to protect while he tried to avoid capture. Never mind the "whys" of all that, because the situation has changed a bit, and I don't want to spoil the parts that haven't changed. I'll just tell you this: the aliens are still somewhat insectile, although not what we originally envisioned; and  my three characters still exist, though in altered form. The biggest difference is that the ex-lover is now a man. I decided to change his gender as a way to stretch myself. It'll be fun to write a different kind of seduction scene (For the record, this will be nothing like the Paolo/Shara scene in Sleepwalkers. It'll be sexy rather than horrific.).

I'll admit I'm curious to know how my longtime fans will react to the new direction. You wouldn't keep reading my stuff if you weren't into lesbian sex; but judging by the comments and emails you send me, you're evenly divided between genders, and a lot of my male fans are subs. That being the case, I hope you'll like seeing an MC'ed man tempting a free woman to give in.

As always, feel free to leave comments below. I've set up my blog so that you can comment in total anonymity, and I never delete anything but spam and troll posts. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

The Paolo/Shara scene wasn't sexy? Huh. -Aaronhalt

(I mean, it was horrific too, but.)

K said...

Yay new story!

thrall said...

Aaronhalt - Well, the Paolo/Shara story was meant to be sexy for EMC fetishists only - and in an "I feel dirty for enjoying this" kind of way.

K - Yay indeed, but remember that I write very slowly. ;-)