Sunday, March 13, 2016

One for the ladies, one for the gents, and a bonus

You might or might not have noticed that I've started my own YouTube channel. It'll be a good way for me to keep up with the videos I like and share them with you. Right now I've only uploaded a couple of videos of my own (a cleaned up and complete version of the lesbian vampire seduction from The Vampire Lovers and the transformation sequence from Invasion of the Bee Women), and since I've already posted about them here once, you might have seen them already. If not, or if you want to see them again, just go to my channel. :-) I plan to upload more videos, but there's no telling when that will happen.

Fortunately, I'm also curating a playlist of my own favorite MC videos, and it's expanding all the time. Last night I added several different versions of the Fright Night club seduction scene from three different Fright Night movies. My reasoning is that since the original 1980's scene keeps getting taken down, and there's no telling whether the other movies will fare any better; so it's nice to have some backup copies. But for the moment, these are the best versions on YouTube of all three scenes (yes, three, not just two). As always I recommend that you download your own copies while they're available.

First up is the glorious, notorious scene from the original 1980's Fright Night, with Chris Sarandon seducing Amanda Bearce in the middle of the dance floor. It's funny to think that I was just a little younger than she was when she filmed this, and I actually looked a good bit like she did. My hairstyle was exactly the same too. And of course, both of us eventually came out as gay. But I swear to you in total modest confidence that I could have performed this scene just as convincingly as she did. Feel free to imagine me in it if you like. ;-) After a long, long search, I've finally found the whole thing uncut and in order, in pretty high definition. I was surprised to see how long it's been up without my noticing, but I wouldn't trust it to stay there; so again, download your own copy.

Now here's a clip from the mostly forgotten sequel to the original Fright Night, unsurprisingly called Fright Night 2. The movie overall is best forgotten, but it does have this one fantastic scene where the vampire (the sister of Jerry from the first movie) turns the tables on our hero Charlie by dancing/entrancing him just like Jerry danced and entranced Charlie's girlfriend in the first movie. Incidentally, apropos of nothing, I love her dress.

Now here's your bonus: the Jerry/Amy seduction scene from the 2011 Fright Night remake -  plus the beginning of the scene where Jerry taunts Charlie with Amy's vamp-induced betrayal. I didn't like Colin Farrell in this role because he was sleazy rather than sexy; but I love every second of Imogen Poots' performance in the club scene - especially her hand drop at the end. You'll see what I mean.


Silver Nerd said...

I own Prince of Darkness and I didn't even think about the mind control of that film. Of course, I think the last time I watched it was before Trilby Else and Tabico corrupted me with their stories. Actually, I have been visiting EMCSA for like 15 years now and it was only in the last couple that I've been turned on by mc itself. Before it was mostly the other things around it, body modification and the like. But it was not until reading Hive and Rouge that I got kinked for mc. It is still a brave new world for me, exploring the actual mind control kink and how it manifests in myself. I have found that what appeals to me the most is when a character unknowingly traps themselves, especially if they are trying to escape. The scene in Rouge when Jane goes through the process of being suited and ends up controlled melted me. I read Hive right after Rouge and it ended up becoming my favorite story for a while. And then Tabico wrote Weaponized which pretty much is THE story for the "trying to escape, end up ensnared" kink.

Wait...what the heck was this comment suppose to be about? Oh yeah, Prince of Darkness. I like how nobody remembers the name of the first girl to get mc so whenever any asks about her they say "Who?" Hahaha What a fucking nerd.

thrall said...

I see you actually looked at my whole playlist! Thanks! :-) I'd forgotten all about Prince of Darkness myself until I stumbled across a reference to it on io9 or something and looked up some YouTube clips. I haven't re-watched the whole movie, but I do remember it scaring the shit out of me when it came out.

And yeah, I also loved Tabico's fake-out with the spy in "Rouge" who seemed to be taking the safer route. :-)

Silver Nerd said...

It is difficult for me to think of Prince of Darkness scaring the shit out of someone. However, I imagine horror audiences were not as jaded as they are now. And admittedly, if I had seen the movie at the age I was whenit came out rather than twenty years later I bet it would have had a bigger impact on me. As it was the movie mostly served as a source of material for when I was GM for Call of Cthulhu sessions.

thrall said...

Well, I was kind of a wuss when I was a teenager - and even though it looks silly now, Prince of Darkness really was a scary movie for its time!