Sunday, March 6, 2016

The guy with over 1,000 mind control videos, part 2

This is the conclusion of a two-part interview with Antjack, also known as TANTRICLEGION, also known as Diana Prince, and probably a few more pseudonyms. I've been enjoying his MC video clips for years, and he's posted comments several times on my blog, so it seemed only natural that I should interview him. After all, if you're into women being hypnotized or enchanted or brainwashed or what-have-you, the best place to start is with Antjack.

Last week we talked about the kinds of videos he posts and where he posts them, and he shared several recommendations with us. This week we'll talk about how he picks and creates his videos and how you can do the same, if you're so inclined.

Then he'll offer even more recommendations, because of course he will. ;-)

The first time I watched one of your videos, I was surprised to find two- and three-second snippets of unrelated material randomly interspersed with the content. For readers who don’t understand, please explain why you do that. 

YouTube has a very strict copyright policy and also a very strict nudity policy. I found that out very early when I first started my first of many, many YouTube channels. You can post a video clip with no nudity, but if two or more anonymous people complain or are offended, YouTube will flag your video and give you 1 of 3 strikes. After the 2nd strike your channel is pretty much toast and you will lose access to the vids you uploaded. This is the first of two explanations. The second is that if you post/upload a YouTube video that has a clip lasting over 40 seconds, you can go at least 28 seconds without it getting flagged for copyright. So whenever you watch an upload of mine, you will always notice that around 28 seconds there will be some other unrelated clip or picture there. That is so it won’t become flagged for any violation on YouTube. It works, but the downside of posting like that is most of the time it kills the spirit/mood of the video clip. That is the whole reason for starting my blog. There, I can post pretty much whatever I want to post unrestricted, just the way I want it to be.

Some of those little snippets seem to be from poser videos. Do you make those posers yourself? 

No, I don't make the poser videos (I wish I did, though). Most of them come from various sites from around the net (most of our MC community knows where).

What is YouTube’s policy on nudity, anyway? I know they mark some videos as age restricted, and they allow breasts in those. Would they allow full frontal on an age restricted video? Where do they draw the line? 

Well, that is a good question to ponder, because I see other channels that post full frontal nudity and full rear nudity. Also, that "Age Restricted" warning is a sham. Again, if someone on YouTube complains about a video clip, they usually will flag it and send you a nudity flag/strike (1 out of 3, with the third strike getting your channel deleted). but I've also had videos on YouTube flagged and no strike was given, but they reclassified them to “18 and older.” So as you can see, I like YouTube, but I don't love You Tube.

Where do you get your material, and do you actually watch the full episodes and movies of everything you sample? 

I have a vast knowledge of various sites to go to, and I have some great and loyal fans who have followed my stuff for years who sends me their files. If I don't have it, they will. Also, special shout out to fellow upload blogger "Sleepless" for his encouragement through the years. If not for him, I wouldn't have started a blog.

Let’s say some of my readers want to start their own channel of EMC videos. What’s the protocol when it comes to re-using other collectors’ clips? For instance, what if someone wanted to use one of your clips? Should they put it in a playlist rather than copying it, or should they copy but give you credit? Does it make a difference whether you manipulated the clip before you posted it? 
The only controversy I've encountered posting content material has been with the videos of a certain actress who does superhero cosplay. Her stuff is great, but I can’t share it because she's very hardcore about me not posting them, not even a two-minute clip. That being said, I do try to respect the rights of others when I post. If someone who owns the material I post sends me a private message, I always respect their wishes and remove the material.

Do you have any other advice for EMC fans who want to start their own channels (e.g., how to manipulate the videos, what programs to use, etc.)? 

If a person wants to learn how to upload, I would say to them to get some free upload equipment and start experimenting. I personally do not like YouTube because it is so restrictive. They should start out on Dailymotion first because they are looser on nudity and what you can upload.

The main programs I used for editing are Corel Video Studio Pro 5, and I use Videopad video editor. I use quite a few more for various effects.

Do you have any new projects in the works that you’d like to talk about? 

Well, I have tons and tons of videos, CGI, and new material to share always. The problem is time. I work a lot, and actually I sometimes experience the equivalence of writer’s block. I guess that happens when you post so much stuff (lol). I will beat it though. I know that when I post I have on many occasions a tendency to over-edit videos. That's a bad fault I have, that I have been trying to remedy. But I do thank the ones who appreciate what I try to do.

In your personal opinion, what are the three all-time hottest MC scenes in mainstream TV and/or movies? 

The greatest scene(s) are all three Invasion of the Body Snatchers films, particularly the women turning, and more recently Girlsway Film’s "The Turning."

Are there any questions that I haven’t asked you, but that you’d like to address? 

There are some other influences that I would like to acknowledge, one being you, thrall. Then there’s Tabico, Queen Calafia, Iago, Dr. Esterhazy, Plague Maiden, Tantric Legion (just to name a very few); and also .Those are just some of my great influences on what I read and share.

I will just leave it all there. Thanks for wanting to know what’s in my world.....THEANTJACK


Viva Antjack said...

Thank you Thrall....I really appreciated this interview, you made it very easy to be myself,& answer each question with total honesty. Many fans/followers may not "Get" what we try to do? but i guarantee that they follow everything we do....When i check the stats of my blog,& youtube channel, Dailymotion channel, I see hundreds of thousand of visit every day,I'm quite sure they visit your blog like that again, i want to say thanks ...THEANTJACK

thrall said...

And thank you too, Antjack! It's always a pleasure for me to point my readers toward other EMC resources that I enjoy - and I really do enjoy your videos. :-)

P.S.: I *wish* I had hundreds of thousands of visits a day! ;-P