Sunday, February 28, 2016

The guy with over 1,000 mind control videos, part 1

This is the first half of a two-part interview with Antjack, also known as TANTRICLEGION, also known as Diana Prince, and probably a few more pseudonyms. I've been enjoying his MC video clips for years, and he's posted comments several times on my blog, so it seemed only natural that I should interview him. After all, if you're into women being hypnotized or enchanted or brainwashed or what-have-you, the best place to start is with Antjack. He posts a lot of videos in a lot of different places, so I'll let him explain what's where.

Give me a ballpark figure of how many videos you currently have online.

Well, I know on my blog I have at least 700 video clips and full movies, and on my YouTube channels I have about 680 small clips.

How did you first discover your EMC fetish, and why are you attracted to it?

I first discovered my MC/possession/corruption fetish after watching three movies as a child: It Came from outer Space, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the original one 1956) and Planet of the Vampires (1965). I was fascinated by how aliens took over ordinary people and corrupted them to turn others into beings just like they were (serial conversion/recruitment) After that, I was hooked on any TV show/movie or comic book that had those themes. Starro comes to mind also.

I know you have several sub-fetishes, like superheroines being turned evil. Would you list your sub-fetishes for my readers so they’ll know what sorts of videos you post?

The themes I love the most are corruption, serial recruitment, and serial conversion - by alien objects or evil goo, mind controlling parasites, alien conversion pods, black smoke, glowing eyes after conversions...The list goes on, but those are my most favorite.

Pick one or two of your personal favorite videos related to the above and link us to them.

"Female Possession Scientist Is Taken Over" - This is one video I recently posted that sums up my total fetish in this genre. I love it how a hero/heroine is so strongly against an evil force, and then somehow it successfully takes them completely over and then he/she become what they were fighting against.

Secondly, "Female Possession 23" - This is a video fave of mine from Misfits (season 5, ep. 7). Alex has the powers of removing other powers from people by having sex with them. Throughout the season he's removed the devil, the power of being extremely clumsy, and turning people inside out. Earlier this episode he also the removed the power of hypnotizing tits. He has just taken a pill without knowing that it causes powers in people to reverse, so after having sex with this girl all those powers he's removed suddenly go into this girl.

I know you manage several YouTube channels (and channels in other places) under different nicknames. Do you associate MC different themes with different nicknames, or do you just put a certain number of videos on one channel and then start another one?

I post on YouTube randomly. You see, on YouTube, it's a very restrictive universe.

What are your current channels on YouTube and elsewhere?

Viva Antjack
Diana Prince
Craigs List
theantjack on Vimeo

A lot of my readers are male subs, and I know they’d like to hear some recommendations from you about clips where men are taken over. Since you’re the MC video expert, what would you suggest they watch?

There is a scene in the 1993 movie "Seedpeople" where the male of the house was taken over by an alien seed pod, and he in turn makes it possible to turn his daughter; and another scene from the 1993 movie "Puppetmasters" where quite a few males were taken over & turned by an alien parasite.

Oh yeah, the book Puppetmasters by Robert Heinlein is a classic in the MC field! Also, the various “Body Snatchers” movies always include men being taken over. If any of my readers have more suggestions, please share them in the comments section. Remember that I’ve set up my blog to allow totally anonymous commenting, and I never delete anything but spam and troll posts.

Here ends the first half of the Antjack interview. Tune in next week for the conclusion, in which he discusses the method to his madness and how you can get in on it.

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