Sunday, February 14, 2016

Seeking feeback on "living dolls" stories

As you know, I'm in the process of updating an old story ("Raggedy Anne") about a woman being turned into a living doll. I shared a sample picture with you last week, and here it is again. I hope to have the story available for purchase in a week or two.

Now, it seems like the majority of my readers are male subs, and one of them recently asked me if I planned to rewrite "Raggedy Andy" as well as "Raggedy Anne." I told him no, because "Raggedy Andy" didn't come out well and I didn't get any feedback from it. But since then, I've begun wondering how male subs would feel about a different kind of "Raggedy Andy" story - not the sequel I posted to the EMCSA, but a brand new gender-switched version of the original "Raggedy Anne" with the same female mind controller but a man as her victim.

I've never tried gender-switching stories before, and I'm not sure if anyone else has, so I don't know whether there's any interest in this sort of thing. I do know, however, that I got some pretty enthusiastic responses to this post, and that seems hopeful. Maybe my male readers would like to put themselves in the shoes of the victims rather than reading the female viewpoint.

To find out, I've created a very brief survey (just three questions long) which readers of every sex and gender are welcome to answer. It's totally anonymous and has room for you to add any comments you like. If enough people express interest in a male living doll story, I will write it - and I'll take you comments into account as I structure it.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey, even if you aren't interested in male living dolls. Every bit of feedback will help me decide what to do.

Thanks, everyone!


K said...

Alright just to be sure I'm understanding the term properly one question. When you say "gender switch" you're referring to the idea of like the main character being a male in this version as opposed to a female in the other version, and not like the protagonist starts off one gender and then ends another. Correct?

thrall said...

Right, the protagonist will be male from start to finish. The plot will mostly follow the plot of "Raggedy Anne," although I'll obviously have to make *some* changes!